A Brief Comparison of Cable and Streaming Services 

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Streaming services have significantly changed the dynamics of watching content. Now people are not bound by a cord to watch their favorite shows. They should be subscribed to a streaming service and connected to a dependable ISP plan like Spectrum tv Essentials or similar plans. So, these services take out a lot of hassle you would otherwise have to go through.  

The popularity of streaming services has given rise to a debate that streaming services are going to replace cable companies. For some people, it would, and for others, it wouldn’t. Dig into this blog to go through the benefits of both types of streaming options. 

Content Variety

One aspect where cable has a clear edge over streaming services is the variety of accessible content. There is a channel for almost everything. You can catch up on morning shows, wildlife documentaries, sports action, and your dose of drama on many channels. Depending on the type of content you prefer to watch, you can watch any channel you want. Generally, cable connections offer at least a hundred channels. So, you can add not only your favorite channels but your family’s favorites too.  

With streaming services, the accessible content is quite limited. You can find multiple genres, films, and drama series on services like Netflix. Another thing you can do is subscribe to multiple streaming platforms.

Cost of Service 

The cost of service is another thing you should consider when comparing cable and streaming services. The average cost of a cable connection is around $70. It is multiple times higher than the price of a subscription to Netflix or any similar service. Streaming subscriptions go up to $15 a month. So, subscribing to these services won’t put a significant burden on your pocket.  

However, if you compare the value you get with cable, the prices are quite justified. Networks like FOX, Paramount, HBO, and National Geographic are usually included in cable plans. Though, the content lineup may be different. But still, access to all these and other services for a single fee makes the deal quite reasonable. It is another way to look at the costs of cable.  

Access to Exclusives 

One department where subscription-based streaming services have the edge is access to exclusive content. The customers of these services get early access to new releases and exclusive content that does not air on TV, at least any time soon. For example, Netflix’s Stranger Things and WandaVision on Disney+ are platform exclusives. There are many others like these two that prove the point.  

You can watch channel exclusives on Cable TV as well. But the thing is that often the popular ones are released on streaming platforms later on. So, those shows are not that exclusive in the true sense. Therefore, if you are a fan of watching shows as soon as they come out, Netflix and other services have an edge.  

Requisites for Streaming Content 

Watching cable at home requires you to have a cable box with remote control and a TV. If you have these and your cable bill is paid, you can enjoy tons of content on them. But when you are getting a connection, you have to pay for the cable box, accessories, and sometimes even connection charges. It can be quite an expense that makes it difficult to try another cable service.  

Streaming services do not require any such extensive requisites. All you have to do is to pay the monthly subscription charges. You do not need to deposit anything or pay months of service in advance. But you will need a dependable internet connection. If you already have Wi-Fi at home, you do not need to spend extra cash on the internet either. Plus, streaming subscriptions are easy to opt out of when you are bored.  

Convenience to Watch  

To enjoy cable shows, you have to sit in front of a television that has a cable connection. That’s not the case with streaming services. You can watch from your tablets, phones, smart TVs, and laptops. You can either download the app or visit the website to start streaming. Streaming services have the edge here.  


So, the best service for you depends more on your style of streaming. Netflix and other streaming services do have their advantages but from the look of it, cable services are not dying any time soon. The variety of content and the tradition of watching is likely to always find their place.  

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