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Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards

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Coronavirus dashboards can help you keep track of current outbreaks and prevent further infections. They show the infection rate in different countries and the number of people who have died from the disease. Coronavirus dashboards can also help you stay informed about the latest news and alerts related to the virus. They can even display global maps of people infected by the virus and their geographic locations.

COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 Dashboard gives the latest information on COVID-19 transmission rates and the number of cases and deaths in a specific county. You can view the numbers for any county or filter by zip code and census tract to view data specific to your area. The information is updated weekly by 3 p.m. on Mondays. It is important to note that the COVID-19 Dashboard does not distinguish between those who live on campus and those who do not.

The COVID-19 Dashboard displays data on the number of cases, deaths, demographics, and community transmission within King County. It also provides information on the number of cases and deaths associated with COVID-19 among people of color in King County. It also shows trends for COVID-19 among youth and the impact of the disease on hospitals and health care facilities.

Variants & vaccines

The Coronavirus vaccine distribution dashboard solution helps healthcare providers track the progress of distributing vaccines in communities. It tabulates critical metrics and performance targets and communicates those findings to stakeholders. The Coronavirus vaccine distribution dashboard can be deployed into an ArcGIS organization and includes an ArcGIS Solution item that summarizes and illustrates the relationships between various ArcGIS items.

Vaccine R&D Covid-19

The COVID-19 app tracks the R&D pipeline for vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. It features an interactive sunburst and allows stratification by technology, target, and R&D stage. Users can also search for a particular organization or drug. An additional dashboard allows for tracking unique candidates. While there is already a wide range of COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development, the tracker is a great place to keep an eye on the latest developments.

A global collaborative effort called the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-19) brings together state and non-state actors to develop affordable vaccines and diagnostics for under-served regions. The goal of the vaccine R&D collaboration is to make affordable vaccines for the poorest populations. However, the cost of vaccines remains prohibitively high for many low and middle-income countries. However, the COVID-19 Tools Accelerator needs more funding. It estimates that USD 23.9 billion will be required by 2021 to deploy the tools and technologies fully.


The PNPCODA dashboards and apps allow easy data entry from a computer or mobile device. It is recommended to sign up for an account to access the dashboards and apps. These dashboards allow PNP personnel and civilians to register for helpful health and safety information. You can use your current email address to register or sign up through social media. Another great resource is the covid-19 portal, created by the Department of Interior and the Philippine National Police. It has a database of crime reports, information, and steps for further action.

Another benefit of the PNP CODA dashboards and apps is the ability to visualize all data stored in the PNP Coda database. This tool allows PNP officers to input data using electronic devices or computers. For example, a PNP officer can input a patient’s first name and date of birth and instantly see how many cases they have treated. This information is then made available to the government and other agencies.

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