Easily Carry Custom Chocolate Brownie Boxes with Customized Handles

Custom Brownie Boxes
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Do you want to impress your buyers even more through customization, then we have a fantastic idea. You can customize brownie boxes with handles to help them carry the brownie box easily. Also, customized handle boxes look so cool to carry and display.

You can design the handles in different shades and designs for decoration. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for the tote and woven bags when the buyer can carry through the customized handles.

Do Funky Artwork with PMS and CMYK Color Schemes

Brownie boxes without funky shades, no way. They should be art with different rainbows and other shades. So, whoever is resisting, you choose any shade for shading the custom brownies box. For that, we have PMS and CMYK colour schemes.

Both are fantastic for shading, but CMYK colour gives you fewer options than PMS. But it is less in cost than PMS colour schemes.

Write The Bakery Name with Sparking Hot Stamp Foiling

Do you want to give a sparkling shine to the brand logo or design on the custom brownie boxes? Then use hot stamp foiling. It looks so gleaming and versatile that buyers demand it for their product box customization.

The hot stamp foiling is available in all shades. If you want to give an exclusive touch to the brownie box, we suggest gold and silver shades. For Valentine-themed brownie boxes, you can use red stamp foiling.

Give An Inner Glance at The Brownie Boxes with Die-Cut Windows

The brownies are so mouth-watering that their lovers can’t resist themselves whenever they see them. But the problem is that they can’t be kept open for long due to humidity level. The brownie gets soggy, stale, and tasteless if it’s high. On the opposite, they get harder if the humidity level is high. For more, visit https://urgentboxes.com/food-boxes

Therefore, you can customize the die-cut window on the brownie box besides keeping the brownies open. We cover it with a transparent PVC sheet which makes an adequately sealed box. You can highlight the die-cut borders with stamp foiling and shades to make die-cut windows two times more beautiful.

Customize Chocolate Brownies in Unique Box Style

Double wall tuck front and self-lock box styles are commonly used for brownies packaging. If you want other box styles, you can choose. Our customization experts will make that possible for you. Here is different box styles suggestion:

Two-piece box style

Its true sweet food items like chocolates, cakes, and brownies are a source of happiness. That’s why people demand exclusive packaging for them to gift someone special. You can use a two-piece box style for that, and for a surprising feel, you can tie it with red ribbons.

Hexagon box style

The hexagon box style is perfect for inventing something new for gifting purposes. You can decorate its upper surface with crafted flowers, bows, butterflies, etc.

Display box with lids

Like cakes and cookies, brownies also come in packets, etc. You can keep them in custom display boxes. You can print the lid in different shapes, die-cuts, and images to beautify them.

Straight and reverse tuck end boxes

As we have mentioned, brownies also come in packets or acrylic trays. For their packaging, you can use straight and reverse tuck end boxes.

Keep The Downside Clean with Custom Butter Wraps

The melted chocolate brownie can make the brownie box greasy. If you don’t want it to happen, keep custom butter wraps in the brownies. You can also print the brand logo on butter wraps.

Moreover, you can create partitions between the brownies with cardboard and kraft inserts. For gift boxes, you can print custom inserts in different designs and shades to give mesmerizing unboxing experience. more

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