Custom Donut Boxes Give an Elegant Look to Your Bakery Products

Donut Boxes
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Donuts are hardly resistible to eat and come in cute shapes and designs. They are usually packed in donut boxes and placed on the shelves in bakeries. Donut boxes come in all sizes and shapes and are designed in various ways to make them appealing to customers. These boxes are usually custom-designed by brands and such boxes help in building brand recognition among customers. Custom-designed boxes also help to advertise the products and attract new customers, making them buy the products. Bakery owners also make use of custom designing to add more value and appeal to their products and to make their products look different from their competitors.

Various Shapes and Sizes of Custom Donut Boxes

Donut boxes come in a variety of shapes and several sizes. You can choose the size that has enough room to accommodate your product. If space is not enough, the food item placed in the box will rub with the surrounding walls and top of the box and lose its contents. It is commonly seen that chocolate or muffin topping gets damaged when placed in chocolate boxes or muffin boxes that are smaller than required. In addition, to the commonly used rectangle and square shapes, hexagonal and pentagonal-shaped boxes are also used as the packaging of bakery items.

Often, these boxes have windows in them to make it easy for the customer to view the actual product easily. This helps a customer and clears all doubt related to the product. This way, the chance of sales increases a lot. Gable boxes with windows are also widely used boxes for the packaging of bakery items. They have a handle on the top, which makes food items easy to carry for the customer. Different shapes are used for different food items; for example, the shapes of pizza boxes are completely different from the shapes of pastry boxes. Also, the sizes of the boxes are different for different items. For example, different-sized boxes are required for large and small pizzas.

Design of the Boxes

Bakery boxes can be designed according to the requirement of the owner. They are highly customizable. You can add your brand name and brand logo to these boxes. In addition, phone number and address details can also be added, making it easier for the customer to contact you any time they need.

You can choose any color you like for the boxes. You can add patterns and designs and even images of your choice on your boxes. Graphics labeling can be changed from time to time and season to season. Bakeries become people’s favorite during the Christmas season. You can take advantage of this time and invest more in your packaging, and this will surely increase your sales several times. You can write happy Christmas, Christmas special or Christmas treats on your boxes to make them more appealing to the customers.

These Boxes are Cost-Effective 

Although these boxes might seem to be much more expensive in reality, they are not expensive. If you are a bakery owner, then it is obvious that you will need a large number of boxes for your food items. You can get a large number of boxes at less price if you order wholesale boxes. There are also chances that you will get heavy discounts on ordering a large number of boxes.

These Boxes are Recyclable

The boxes used in bakeries are often made of cardboard which is recyclable and easy to dispose of the material. Here we can take the example of Chinese food boxes. These boxes can be used as snack boxes or can be used to store other things besides food as well. Chinese takeout boxes have a distinguished shape. They are made from paperboard and have a layer of plastic coating on them. They also have a wire handle at the top which makes carrying food easier. Hot or cold food can be put in these boxes. They are sturdy and 100 percent recyclable. They have a lot of tensile strength, but at the same time, they have a lot of elasticity as well.

These boxes are an ideal packaging solution and a great way to advertise your products. They help in building brand recognition among customers and also add a touch of your creativity to your products. The elegant custom designs of food boxes will help in grabbing the attention of the customer. At the same time, these will enhance the look of your bakery and help it look better and different from all competitors out there.

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