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Deep Gulzar quotes
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Poet of extraordinary finesse, an accomplished filmmaker, and a great novelist, Gulzar needs no introduction. Gulzar is well known for his soulful and motivational writing novels weaved with sensibility and emotions. Moreover, he delivered some of the evergreen memorable, and most cherished movie songs and films. As well as Deep Gulzar quotes. Let us see some interesting facts about his life journey.

1. Here comes the first information, Music legend Gulzar, who was born on August 18, 1936, in Dina which is now partitioned under Pakistan after 1947.

2. When Gulzar was born, he was originally named Sampooran Singh Kalra. He came to Delhi after the partition.

3. His passion for music was reinforced when he was in college. Moreover, he was not good at academics and mathematics .so, he used to practice his writing skills at his neighbor’s home.

4. Gulzar, Got his first break in Bollywood with the film, Bandini, released under Bimal Roy Productions. After the success of the film, Bimal Roy hired him as his full-time assistant on the other hand he also made him write scripts for movies for many other renowned directors.

5. During this period, most directors preferred to work with Gulzar, he exposed his hidden talent in the form of Deep Gulzar quotes in film industry. 

6. After his father’s death, he revealed the details about his father’s assassination in his book, Housefull: The Golden Years of Bollywood. He mentioned that when his father passed away he was in Mumbai, but he received the information a couple of days later. 

7. In this critical situation, he can’t afford a flight ticket to reach Delhi, but his brother reached Delhi earlier. So, Gulzar took the train to Delhi. But, the train took more than 24 hours to reach his destination and by the time Gulzar reached home, his father had been laid to rest.

8. After Five years, when Gulzar’s closest intimate Bimal Roy passed away, he cremated his father along with him after the funeral ceremony. 

9. Gulzar always uses flashbacks and scenarios in his movies. He states that a film will never be complete without reflections on the past. 

10. During his struggling days, Gulzar used to work as a garage mechanic to earn a living and survive in Mumbai. Here, Gulzar works to paint damaged or accident cars, and also, he loves to paint and he has enough time to read books and attend college.  

11. Gulzar has won several National awards. Some of the films that he was awarded for are, Mausam (direction), Koshish (screenplay), and Maachis (direction). Along with these awards, he won a Grammy Award for the best song written of “Jai Ho” song from the film “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2010. 

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