Discover the All in Rule in Poker

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What’s new in Texas Holdem Poker’s all-in rule for professional players? There are many different ALL IN situations that occur on the poker table. Whether it’s Poker at home, participating in tournaments or playing for cash. Occasionally, you face confusion with the ALL IN decision. Not only you, the world’s best vn88 registered player is also confused in a professional tournament. vn88 website chinh thuc

The all-in rule in Poker

In general, No-Limit poker or All-In Poker seems to be different. But the actual rules of the Poker genre suggest the exact opposite. Each player is allowed to bet with all the chips they have on the table. The number of chips each player brings to the table is called “table stakes”. The number of chips you have on the table is the only bet in the game – even if it doesn’t match the money your opponent has.

Result calculation rule – when there are 2 all in in Poker

In any game, whether playing cash poker, poker tournament, playing at home or playing somewhere. There is always a situation where a player has more money (or chips) than another player. In the case of two players in the pot, this is an easy situation to deal with. A player always ALL IN all the chips he has on the table even if the number of chips is less than the number his opponent Raised before. At this time, the ALL IN winner is eligible to win 1 part of the total amount in the Pot according to the exact number of Chips bet with the opponent. The higher number of chips your opponent makes is refunded in case.

All in law – how to calculate the result

When there are many people and players play ALL IN with all they have. The pot chip numbers at this point they are not the same. So how to calculate the pot money for each different ALL IN level? The solution is that at each level ALL IN each player is divided into a different Side Pot. And when comparing cards against each side pot. The player whose chips count in the side pot is counted.


Through the topic of “the all-in rule in Poker Texas Holdem for professional players”. Hope you have an objective view and understand how the side pot is calculated on the Poker table, right? Register vn88 (dang ky vn88 nhan 50k) to receive 50k and join.

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