Do Not Judge Diesel Engine Oil Suppliers in UAE Based on Common Myths

Diesel Engine Oil Suppliers in UAE
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Some individuals can find it challenging to distinguish between reality and popular belief when it comes to heavy-duty diesel engine oils and finding the best diesel engine oil suppliers in UAE. Numerous of these misconceptions have been around for a while and are virtually considered conventional knowledge. Let’s examine some widespread misconceptions about heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

Never change your oils

A long-standing misconception includes the ancient idea that if you start an engine on one brand or kind of oil, you should stick with it. Changing oil brands is not one of the major reasons for higher oil use.

A number of variables, such as the condition of the oil filter, the number of contaminants present, the condition of the engine’s components, the amount of engine oil contamination present, and even inaccurate readings of the oil pressure or additional levels, can more accurately affect oil consumption and oil pressure.

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Avoid using synthetic oils

It’s also untrue that synthetic oils lead to leaks in modern engines. Your engine’s seals and gaskets won’t leak oil if they’re in good shape. Another problem might be if the seals or gaskets have been damaged. Synthetic oils could be more likely to detect leaks that already exist.

Engine oil additives from aftermarket products improve performance

One urban legend holds that the oil’s performance may be improved by external additions. The majority of reliable motor oils already include optimal additives, so adding more might mess with the oil’s chemistry or possibly reduce the efficacy of the ones that are already there.

TBN Can Be Used to Assess Oil Performance

Another widespread misconception is that higher TBN heavy-duty engine lubricants offer better engine protection. Through industry-recognized testing, the Total Base Number (TBN) gauges the engine oil’s neutralization number. Many people have the misconception that an oil with a higher TBN can perform better. The capacity to outperform more recent heavy-duty engine lubricants with lower TBN levels has been demonstrated.

The Better, the Heavier

Another common misconception is that to adequately preserve big diesel engines, greater viscosity engine lubricants are required. In order to check the exact advice for their engine type, operating environment, and duty cycle, end users should always speak with the equipment vendor.

Low-viscosity engine oil is erroneously thought to be overly thin by some. Lower-viscosity oils that have been licensed and certified are made to function effectively in contemporary engines to increase fuel efficiency and engine longevity. In order for consumers to understand what is best for their equipment, engine oil providers must collaborate with them and offer technical assistance as well as oil analysis.

Warranty Coverage Requires from diesel engine oil suppliers in UAE

Some consumers believe that in order to keep their warranty valid, they must use a certain kind of oil. To comprehend the suggestions made by the engine manufacturer, equipment users should consult their owner’s handbook and service bulletins. The viscosity recommendations for certain engines may include extra engine manufacturer approval needs or standards. Engine oil recommendations from diesel engine oil suppliers in UAE are based on engine oil certification categories. Never depend on hearsay or opinions on an oil brand’s ability to uphold an engine warranty.


The market for choosing the proper engine oil is surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions. Avoid these erroneous perceptions, and steer clear of them by following the advice of equipment and oil manufacturers.

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