Do You Know These Unique Features of Sleeve Boxes?

Sleeve Box Packaging
Sleeve Box Packaging
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In the current era, different business owners customize packaging boxes per their desires. Some use minimalist packaging while others use fancy boxes. The choice of boxes depends upon the type of products you are offering. Whatever style you choose, it is crucial to design it perfectly. Different packaging boxes are available in the market that are of different shapes and colors. However here we will talk about sleeve packaging boxes. The unique and easy unboxing style of these boxes looks very eye-catchy. They look more like drawer-style boxes. One can easily place any kind of product inside these boxes. Furthermore, the secured closure of these boxes keeps products safe against damage. You can place food, medicine, electronics, cosmetics, as well as apparel products inside these boxes. Some other unique features of these boxes are as follows:

Quality Materials

The quality of materials must be premium because it determines the quality of your boxes. If you use cheap quality materials for manufacturing boxes for expensive products, you will make a huge mistake. The cheap boxes automatically lessen the worth of your products. That’s why wise brands use high-quality Sleeve Boxes made of Kraft and cardboard materials. These paper materials are easy to modify into any shapes, sizes, and styles of your choice. The sleeve Kraft boxes are a choice of many brands. These boxes are resistant to damage caused by dust or moisture. Furthermore, the recyclable nature of Kraft and cardboard boxes is another perk. Customers love to buy products from a brand that offers recyclable packaging boxes. To eliminate current pollution, sustainable packaging is the most significant step for many brands.

Sleeve Boxes

Smooth Unboxing

Custom-designed sleeve boxes are easy to unbox. You can just slide the tray to see the inside products. The smooth unboxing style of these boxes looks very satisfying. Customers like those boxes that are easy to open. They will share their shopping experience with their dear ones as well if they are happy with your packaging. They also share the unboxing videos to different social media sites to show off their shopping. That’s why you should get eye-catchy boxes that can impress potential customers. Customers usually find it difficult to open the packaging and end up tearing the box. This will never satisfy them because they don’t like the packaging to tear off. That’s why you should get drawer-style boxes to provide an easy unboxing experience. Furthermore, your products will also be safe inside these easy-to-open boxes.

Vibrant Colors

You can print personalized sleeve packaging boxes in vibrant colors to attract customers. Some brands keep sleeve Kraft boxes in their original beige-brown colors. However, you can color these boxes to enhance the worth of the inside products. If you want sleeve packaging for food items, you can select colors per flavor of your food. Sleeve food boxes that are designed based on inside products attract customers. Furthermore, you can design sleeve medicine boxes as well. You can add minimalist yet attractive colors to medicine boxes. You can select bright and luxury colors for sleeve apparel boxes. In short, the choice of colors depends upon the kind of products you are offering. Whatever color you may choose, CMYK and PMS color models will print those colors perfectly to custom sleeve packaging.

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Spacious Configuration

Custom sleeve boxes are very spacious. You can place products inside these boxes without any worries. Furthermore, the spacious structure of these boxes provides you with enough space to print typography. You can easily print on the inside or outside of these boxes per your necessities. If you want to give a surprise to your special customers, you can print on the inside of custom sleeve packaging. Many brands like to keep the outside portion of packaging very minimalist, they can print on the inside tray. You can print graphics and images to enhance the appearance of sleeve product boxes. The brand name and logo will look fabulous in the center or side of the lid of the sleeve packaging. Brand name or logo is very important to highlight on the product boxes.

Sleeve Boxes

Organized Appearance

Your products will lay perfectly inside the tailor-made sleeve boxes. There will be a lesser chance of product jumping because of the unique shape of the sleeve packaging. However, if you don’t configure it perfectly, your products can collide with each other. That’s why custom designs these boxes per your product’s dimensions. If you want to place many mini products inside one sleeve box, you should add compartments to separate them from each other. This will prevent product collisions and packaging will also look more organized. The cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and bath bombs get damaged when they come in contact with each other. You can prevent this by adding inserts, or partitions inside sleeve packaging.

Easy Customization

The custom sleeve boxes are easy to customize per your needs. You can choose from the latest coloring and printing techniques to customize these boxes. If you want very deep printing, you can go for offset printing technology. Furthermore, embossing, debossing, foiling, and coating techniques are available to upgrade the appearance of sleeve packaging. One can also cut windows on sleeve packaging boxes to make products visible to customers. Sleeve window boxes also look very prominent on the shelves of stores. For further customization, you can utilize many other techniques that are available from packaging companies.