Does A Surgical Abortion Hurt?

Medicine For Abortion in Dubai
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At first no. During the intervention, the effects of anesthesia are supposed to take effect. Then painkillers are prescribed, but not always necessary. However, each woman is different and the pain tolerance threshold is just as different. This can make this event live quite differently from one woman to another. It is possible that some bleeding may occur, remember to take a towel for the return of the intervention.

Procedures For Abortion

The first thing to remember: in Dubai, abortion is legal and every woman, adult or minor, can decide alone whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Then, you have to take into account the number of weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is legal in Dubai for up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, and 7 weeks for medical abortion.


Two medical appointments are required before proceeding with an abortion. – First, it is necessary to meet with a doctor or a midwife of your choice, in order to receive all the necessary information, offer a psycho-social interview, and receive a certificate attesting to your request. This certificate is obviously not binding, you can change your mind until the last moment.

Inform To Patient

It is there to prove that you have had the necessary information and to oblige the patient to observe a minimum reflection period of 8 days. During the second consultation, you confirm your abortion request in writing to the caregiver who will carry out a gynecological examination. And an ultrasound to locate the embryo and precisely date the start date of pregnancy. A third appointment is made about 3 weeks after the abortion, with beta-HCG assay (commonly called “pregnancy hormone”). It is essential not to forget this appointment, which will confirm that everything is fine and that the whole pregnancy has been evacuated. Contraception will be prescribed during this consultation if necessary.

Few details If You Are Minor

You must be accompanied by your legal representative or an adult of your choice. – It is not mandatory to have the consent of your parents to proceed with the abortion. – The psycho-social interview is compulsory for minors. Namely that regardless of your age, a midwife can issue you with a work stoppage.

Side effects of Abortion

The first effects of an a posteriori abortion are bleeding and pain. However, her symptoms fade over time. Pain during sexual intercourse may occur (especially for surgical abortions). There is only one substitute for surgical abortion which is use of abortion medicine.

Possible complications

We reassure you right away, in Dubai, abortion is practiced in a safe way, and the risk of complications is therefore limited.

However, it can occur following an abortion:

Hemorrhages – Infections/sepsis – Uterine perforation (between 1 and 4 cases per thousand) – Tearing of the cervix (less than 1%) If you have severe pain and/or a fever above 38.5°C call directly the 15th. And stop misconceptions, the voluntary intervention of pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriage later, nor of ectopic pregnancy, or of fetal death in utero. As for sterility, it can occur only in the case of an extremely rare syndrome, Asherman’s syndrome. It takes place when during the intervention, a major curettage was necessary and damaged the deepest parts of the uterine mucous membranes. From now on, the suction technique greatly limits the realization of these curettages, more aggressively, than formerly carried out. Moreover, aware of this risk,