Does Cardboard Tube Packaging Make Your Business Eco-Friendly?

Cardboard Tube Packaging
Cardboard Tube Packaging
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Customers these days are not as ignorant about things as they used to be. People are slowly understanding the importance of eco-friendly materials, and there has been a rise in the popularity of green products in the last few years. 

Many businesses have adopted eco-friendly packaging to make a better impression in their customers’ minds. In today’s marketing industry, it is essential to provide your customers with value, and packaging that harms the environment doesn’t hold much value to customers anymore. 

While some people might still not know the importance of eco-friendly packaging in the business, others who have understood this are noticing wonders. More and more customers are switching to green products every year, and it is time for businesses to switch their focus as well. Cardboard tube packaging in the UK is one of the most popular eco-friendly packaging types. We create resilient and durable cardboard tubes at Print Monkey for our clients to help them build a sustainable world.

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Better than Plastic

Cardboard tubes are a much better packaging option compared to plastic. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and doesn’t create waste when it’s disposed of at the end of its life. It is recyclable and can also be used multiple times for different things. It provides the same amount of benefits as plastic but has no harmful effects on the environment, and this quality makes it a better packaging option.


Cardboard tubes are lighter in weight than any other type of packaging. The lighter your package is, the easier it is to transport it from one place to another. You can also save some shipping costs on the lightweight material. This is especially beneficial for small businesses because they usually don’t have unlimited budgets to spend on shipping and packaging. If you use cardboard tubes for packaging, you can surely save some money on shipping.

Longer Shelf Life

Cardboard tubes also have a longer shelf life as compared to plastic. When they come in contact with moisture, cardboard dries itself without affecting the contents inside or damaging the material. However, the same cannot be said for plastic. Plastic reacts to moisture and increases the risk of bacterial growth. Hence, cardboard tubes are a better choice if you don’t want to keep ordering new packaging again and again.


Plastic usually has a smell because it contains a lot of chemicals. The chemical Melamine is used to make plastic more flexible and stronger, but it also adds a distinctive smell to the packaging. On the other hand, cardboard tubes have no such smell because of the use of natural materials. You can keep the cardboard packaging for several years, and it will still not have any annoying smell, which is great for your warehouse and your customers as well.

Want to Order Cardboard Tubes?

Cardboard tubes are one of the recently popular designs of eco-friendly packaging. Many businesses still haven’t added this design to their packaging, and it is the right opportunity for you to be ahead of your competitors. 
Check out our collection of cardboard tube packaging in the UK at Print Monkey and place your order now. You can also share your ideas to customize your cardboard tube packaging, and our design team will be more than happy to help you.

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