Electric Wall Panel Heaters vs. Electric Heat Pumps: A 50,000-Foot Comparison

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Traditionally, electric heating in the form of electric baseboard or electric-resistance coil heating has been associated with very high running costs and lower efficiency when compared to other alternatives such as natural gas furnaces.

However, advances in technology have brought about more affordable, more efficient electric heating alternatives such as electric heat pumps and wall panel heaters that can provide zone heating, such as eheat’s ENVI electric wall panel heaters.

While heat pumps are generally associated with energy efficiency and low running costs, they still have their limitations. Let’s take a general look at some of the differences between heat pumps and wall panel heaters.

Running Costs

ENVI Heater: Associated with a very low running cost, as low as 4 to 5 cents per hour.

Electrical Heat Pump: While electric heat pumps have much lower running costs than electric baseboard, hot water baseboard, and gas furnaces, they still typically cost between 35 and 50 cents per hour to operate – much more than an ENVI electric wall panel heater.

Installation: Practicality and Costs

ENVI Heater: Electric wall panel heaters can be installed by homeowners and are not associated with any additional installation costs.

Electrical Heat Pump: Certified technicians must install electric heat pumps and consequently installation costs are very high.

Purchase Costs

ENVI Heater: The price of Envi electric heaters starts as low as $179.95 with free shipping to the contiguous US and Canada on all orders.

Electrical Heat Pump: A new electric heat pump will cost several thousand dollars. Price varies according to size, power, and efficiency, and typically ranges between $3,000 and $8,000.

Maintenance Costs

ENVI Heater: The electric wall-mounted Envi heaters have no moving parts, are maintenance-free, and include a 3-year warranty.

Electrical Heat Pump: Heat pumps should be serviced at least twice per year by certified technicians; routine maintenance can be as low as a few hundred dollars, and emergency repairs can be over a thousand.

Health and Safety

ENVI Heater: The Envi Heater has no fan and does not dry out the air or circulate any dust or allergens. They are also emission-free and cool to the touch.

Electrical Heat Pump: Also very safe, but they do dehumidify the air and circulate dust and other allergens around the home.

Environmental Impact

ENVI Heater: They are enormously energy efficient and convert nearly all energy directly into heat.

Electrical Heat Pump: These are not as electrically efficient and also use potentially harmful refrigerants (which electrical wall panel heaters do not).


ENVI Heater: Because the Envi Heater has no fan or moving parts it is silent and will not disturb those sleeping or working in an office space.

Electrical Heat Pump: Since they require a fan for circulation, they produce a lot of noise.

Thinking About Considering Electric Wall Panel Heaters?

While electric heat pumps have taken electrical heating to new levels, electric wall panel heaters like eheat’s ENVI offer numerous additional advantages over these types of systems.

Kevin Peter