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Top Distance MBA Colleges In India
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There is a common conception among students regarding the type of degrees that we obtain from a university or school and the one that we obtain from a distant course. Distant and online courses are as real as conventional and university-based courses. The listing of these colleges is initiated through the general guide, and students enrolling in them are subjected to every other course and facility that a regular student undergoes. There is a list of Top Distance MBA Colleges In India that provides you with the right kind of distance education that is, in a way, all similar to the education pursued through regular schools and colleges. 

The Basic Line of Difference Between Online and Distant Courses

Though it is, in a way, quite a helpful venture for all the students who couldn’t pursue their education due to not getting admission into top schools and universities, there is a basic line of difference between online courses and distance courses. Online and distance courses differ given their accessibility, eligibility, attendance, mock interview and, most importantly, student-teacher education. The examinations and the placements of such sources also vary. To sum up, the concept of an online course utilises the virtual learning environment. In contrast, the distant MBA outdistance process is where the study materials and resources are sent to the students through emails. Let’s take a look at some of the top MBA colleges in India that provide distant colleges. 

Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (IMT):

Being one of the top business colleges in our country, IMT Ghaziabad is a major centre for distance MBA courses. It is the main centre of our country as far as management and information technology are associated. With the widest range of resources, assets and faculty staff, the campus is also known to hold the largest workshops, seminars and international conferences to make sure that the students are subjected to the right kind of environment. All the courses provided by the college are also recognized by the UGC or University Grants Commission. Under the management courses, the institution is also known to provide a year of PG diploma program. Some of the specialisation courses include operation management, marketing management, and Human resource management. 

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies:

Established in 1981, this school for management studies is ranked as one of the best among the Top Distance MBA Colleges In India. Under this institution, there are several certification programs that carry an international value of importance for management studies and workshops. All of the courses offered under the institution are also approved by UGC-DEB. Some of the courses offered by this institution are: 

  1. MBA in Finance and Banking management. 
  2. Business management. 
  3. Human Resource Management. 
  4. MBA in Information Technology and System Management. 
  5. MBA in Supply chain management.
  6. MBA in Operations Management. 
  7. The International Trade Management. 

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning:

Having been an award-winning institution in the country, the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning offers postgraduate programs in Operations, HR, Customer relationships and management accounting. The institution is also known to provide two-class specialisation for all kinds of PGDBA programs. To be eligible for this University, one needs to have a recognized degree from any good university as a bachelor’s or master’s program for that purpose. The University is considered one of the best centres for distance education. 

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University:

IGNOU is the first name that comes to our mind when we think about a distant course in any educational line. It is the world’s largest University in terms of the number of students that enrol in it each year. Apart from offering a variety of education certificates and courses, the University is known to offer properly recognized degrees by IGNOU. However, you need to have at least 50% of the qualification for a general category and 45% for a reserved category to qualify for the University. The University is also known to provide several generalised programs apart from the general MBA lines. Some of the specialised MBA programs include banking and finance options in general. Clearing the OPENMAT is a clear option when it comes down to exams conducted by IGNOU. 

Annamalai University:

Being one of the most popular universities in the south, Annamalai University ranks as the best among the Top Distance MBA Colleges In India. Though there are more than 500+ courses that the University has to offer, it always comes down to the best MBA programs that the University offers. The University is quite famous in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vellore, Coimbatore and Chennai. The general programs are available in the English language; however, you can choose to opt from the several other languages that are available. 

Though there are different Top Distance MBA Colleges In India, it takes a great deal to choose the right one among all of those. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the best distance course in the comfort of your own home.

Priya Negi