Experience Kerala and Find the Perfect Homestay

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Kerala is a wonderful state blessed with numerous tourist attractions and lesser-known places of interest (POIs). Be it adventurous, like shooting the rapids in Ashtamudi, or luxuriating at the five-star backwaters resorts, you will find everything here. Most of these have optimal facilities and are great for your whole family. Where should you stay? Well, a homestay is probably one of the best options as it is pocket-friendly and provides a local flavor. The locals will show you around and help you get acquainted with the place upon arrival.

Experience Kerala and perfect homestay

1. A home away from home

Home is where the heart is. It’s where you can let your guard down and relax, knowing that everyone around you is there with you because they care about you.

When you’re in Kerala, finding that kind of comfort can be hard—especially if you’re going alone. But staying at a homestay in Thrissur town is like having your own private home in the middle of India. Everything is exactly as it should be, and some people are dying to get to know you better.

2. Complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner

You’re in for a treat.

When you choose to stay with us, you’ll get complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and all of your meals will be flavorful and plentiful. You’ll have a wide variety of choices at each meal, so whether you’re feeling like an omelet or a hearty bowl of dal, we can help you out.

Our chefs are passionate about what they do and take great pride in their creations. We know that when it comes to food, it’s not just about taste—it’s also about how it makes you feel. And that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure every bite is worth savoring.

3. Spacious and ventilated rooms

When traveling, it’s important to have a place to relax and unwind. At best Homestay in Kerala, you’ll find spacious and ventilated rooms where you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own space.

You can also do a little yoga or meditation in the morning or evening or even just read a book. If you want to get out of your room and explore the city, we have maps of the area, so you don’t get lost!

4. Friendly and helpful staff

When you stay at a homestay, you experience the local culture and interact with the locals. You will stay with a host family who will help you understand the local culture, traditions, and food.

Also, when you stay at a homestay, you will learn about their daily lives and how they live. This can be very interesting for people who want to experience something different from what they are used to.

5. Option to cook your food

While you’re in Kerala, it’s important to take advantage of the local cuisine. You’ll experience the best traditional Indian food, which is often vegetarian and made with fresh ingredients like coconut and curry leaves.

But if you’re not a fan of Indian food—or if you just want an alternative—you can eat at one of the many homestays in Thiruvilwamala for a minimal amount. These places have kitchens where guests can cook their meals.

6. Beautiful view of the backwaters

When you stay at a homestay, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the comfort of home and a stunning view of Kerala’s backwaters. The backwaters are a series of lakes and rivers that wind through Kerala. They’re famous for their beautiful colors, which change depending on how much rain has fallen, and their wildlife, which includes elephants and crocodiles.

If you want to explore these natural wonders without having to worry about finding a place to stay, a homestay is a perfect choice for you.

7. Conveniently located close to the major attractions

When traveling to Kerala, visiting the major attractions is a must. But how do you get there? That’s where Homestay comes in.

Homestays are conveniently located close to the major attractions, so you can easily reach them without any hassle. You can walk to the beach from your Homestay or catch a bus or cab from the nearby bus stand or railway station (if there is one).

While staying at a homestay, you’ll also experience Kerala’s culture and traditions. Homestay hosts can introduce you to local customs and food and help you find work if needed!

8. 24-hour room service

If you’re traveling to Kerala, experiencing the local culture is a must. But you’ll also want to relax and enjoy time alone. That’s why it’s great that homestays in Kerala offer 24-hour room service—so you can have whatever you want whenever you need it!

Whether it’s a late-night snack or a glass of wine to unwind after an adventurous day, your Homestay will be there with whatever you need.

9. Homestay as per your budget

If you’re looking for a homestay in thiruvilwamala that is both low-cost and high-quality, then you should consider Homestay. We offer homestays at various price points, from budget to luxury, so you can choose the one that fits your budget. We also offer homestays with some of the best amenities in Kerala, including swimming pools and tennis courts.

10. Complete privacy at homestays

At a homestay, you’ll experience the best of Kerala from the moment you step through the door. You’ll be surrounded by locals who know all about their region’s history, culture, and cuisine—and they’ll be happy to share it with you! All the while, you’ll have your own private space where you can relax after a hard day of exploring or working.

You will never feel like an outsider at a Kerala homestay. The staff is there to cater to your every need while also allowing you plenty of privacy. It’s a perfect way to get away from it without sacrificing access to all these beautiful regions.

Conclusion: Homestays are the best option to enjoy real Kerala.

If your idea of Kerala is confined to idyllic backwaters and beaches, you can still immerse yourself in this amazing state. You just need to look beyond the clichéd tourist traps. Homestays are one option. They are family-run and offer a more personal experience. These homestays are well-located, with easy access to Kerala’s Kochi, Munnar, and other tourist attractions. Kerala may be known for its tropical beaches and Western Ghats, but it offers so much more for tourists.

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