Explore a Whole New World with The OrbWars – Now on the Ternoa Blockchain!

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Are you ready to explore an entirely new world? The OrbWars is the revolutionary game that allows you to fight humans and other Tiimons, breed characters, claim tickets for mini-games such as Training Fights and Pranks, and even rent out Tiimons for passive income. Plus, it’s available on the Ternoa blockchain – so sign up now at https://www.theorbwars.com before prices go up! 

As a player of The OrbWars, your goal is to conquer the world. Through your interactions with humans and other Tiimons, you can increase your XP (experience) in order to reach new levels. You will also be able to purchase boosters to help you along your journey. Plus, for every connected player there is one free Tiimon available – so don’t miss this chance! 

The game also offers an exciting breeding feature; in order for two Tiimons to breed successfully, more Tiimons must be present. This means that by breeding characters, you are actually increasing the number of available players! And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive to join The OrbWars community, then perhaps knowing that you can rent out your own Tiimons for passive income will be enough motivation. 


The OrbWars is a revolutionary game that has something for everyone; whether you want to conquer the world by playing or make some extra cash in your spare time – The OrbWars has it all! Plus, it’s now available on the Ternoa blockchain – so sign up now at www.theorbwars.com before prices go up and don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore an entirely new world! #TheOrbWars #TernoaBlockchain #ConquerTheWorld #MakeMoneyOnline #FreeTiimonForEveryConnectedPlayer #BoostersStartingAt$10AtCurrentMarketPrice #BreedCharacters #RentTiimonsForPassiveIncome

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