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The printed shirts still bring cool vibes. It can be the ultimate choice for men of all age groups. Starting from youngsters to adults love printed shirts. However, everyone has their own choice of choosing prints. Some like detailed block prints, while others love low-detailed fine prints. But the prints are not limited to this; the men’s clothing brands come up with different print designs and patterns. A variety of prints are in higher demand among men, especially for those who love to always be on the frontline of maintaining fashion statements. Therefore, printed shirts online have become trendy in the most sold list.

Types Of Printed Shirts Based On Designs And Patterns

There are various types of printed shirts based on print designs and patterns ruling the fashion industry. Even the top models and celebrities prefer found printed patterns. The youngsters are adopting the new fashion trends of printed shirts. Here is the list of types of printed shirts based on the pattern and design prints factors.

Fancy Party Wear Prints

Partywear prints are new in trend, and it owns the men’s wardrobe. The perfect fit and right patterned shirt will catch well with solid pants. The party wear printed are dotted or smaller prints on dark colour shirts. For example, a full-sleeve black shirt with a silver or white low-detail print will look fabulous. It will also give a bright contemporary feel.

All Over Print Shirts

The all-over printed shirts are the coolest look to carry ever. But at times, the experiment can go wrong and may give an undesired look. But when you know the right style statement, you can take risks with bold prints. The right look will give you attention at events and parties. Keep in mind that a completely minimal and balanced look is necessary for this type of printed shirt.

Animal Prints Shirts

Animal-printed shirts are the all-time favourite. There are various types of animal prints available. One can choose their own preferred prints among the famous animal prints. For example, cheetah or leopard prints, zebra prints, etc. The animal-printed shirts usually have thick and solid black spots with smaller black dots or stripes. Cheetah prints have been very popular since the 1930s. Moreover, animal prints also dominate the fashion industry among the top designers. You will find these printed shirts online under the best brands in the online marketplace.

Floral Printed Shirts

The Flower-patterned shirts give the most catchy and vibrant look. It gives an amazing natural feel. The floral prints can be of various types, such as abstract, botanical, Baroque, ditsy, impressionist and many more. For perfect beach vibes, these floral prints are the right choice. Moreover, for a daytime party, it will make you stand out from the rest. It is famous among today’s party freak youngsters.

Camouflage Printed Shirts

For a perfect solid look, the camouflage printed shirts online are the best choice. This printing pattern conceals by blending it into its environment. You can find different shades of camouflage prints available. People go for customised choices for these prints.

Hawaiian or Aloha Shirts

The Hawaiian or aloha printed shirts are unique, which shows cultural exchange and tradition. These prints are mostly worn at parties and on beach days. It adds a special touch to the entire outfit. With any bottom wear, it gives a vibrant appearance. It also gives an eye-grabbing look at both day and night parties.

Vertical Stripes Print Shirts

These printed shirts have never gone out of fashion. It has remained famous for decades. It is the most popular choice among men globally. You will surely find a vertical striped printed shirt in every man’s wardrobe collection.

‍ Why is Cotton the Preferred Fabric for Printed Shirts?

Cotton is known as the ‘king of all fabrics. This material is famous for every shirt type due to its durability and comfort. Every man loves the cotton printed shirt. The fabric is famous for its properties like breathability, softness, and texture. It can immediately absorb skin moisture and save your body from building liquid. The cotton shirts are comfortable to wear at any place.

You can wear it at the workplace, parties, events and for day outs. Moreover, the fabric fits every season. During the summer, nothing can beat the comfort level of cotton shirts. Moreover, it doesn’t need high maintenance. The cotton printed shirt ranges are available massively in different types due to their huge demand. Hence, it is the most preferred fabric for printed shirts.

Final Words

You can shop for different prints based on patterns and designs. The top brands are available online with a wide variety of prints. Every man can get their choice of prints under the famous brand. Cotton shirts of various printed patterns are also easily available in affordable ranges.

Priya Negi