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Jellycat bunny Singapore
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The Jellycat bunny Singapore babies and mommies love is undeniable.  There are numerous bunnies of every color of the rainbow including all time favorite, Bashful Bunny. Now you can bounce, hop and skip with these playful little bunnies and irresistible rabbits! The people in Singapore are extremely demanding for these fun-filled bunnies. No doubt, they are splendidly soft and hugely huggable. While you are personalizing your hamper, don’t forget to add this lively bunny to your hamper. All readymade gift sets definitely contain the Jellycat bunny. 

The brilliant colors complement to both boys and girls. Jellycat has an impressive variety of bunnies. Not only you find different colors but also these bunnies are available in small to large sizes. Also, some of the bunnies are equipped with cute little items like carrots, musical pulls, peony and much more accessories. With variety of options, you must have this waggle-eared adorable stuffed bunny for your baby. The good part is that these toys are made up of safe materials and have passed the European Safety Standards for toys so your baby can instantly have the irreplaceable cuddle partner from birth. 

The demand for Jellycat bunny in Singapore is a real hype. So, here we have found out the best 5 stores where you can easily find Jellycat Bunny in Singapore. 

Lovingly Signed

The best sleep buddy for your newborn is at Lovingly Signed now! Yes, you read it right! The Jellycat bunny Singapore demands are available in a great range at this store. Either select their readymade gift or customize your own hamper, Jellycat bunny is a must-have. Along with this soft furred animal, you can add-on many essentials to your hamper. Lovingly Signed provides a variety of baby toys and baby care items which makes it the parent’s number one choice in Singapore. Hop on to their website and find the best newborn gift items for your baby.

Little Baby

A full range of Jellycat bunny soft toy silliness is available at Little Bunny. Discover all the charm and instantly buy the most lovable, huggable and squishy stuffed bunny for your little baby. As soon as Jellycat releases new bunnies each year, this store is quick to stock every item. The store offers a bunch of other baby items too. The stuffed toy is stored in 24/7 air-conditioned room for storage so the toy is kept safe from any kinds of germs and is safe to use for your baby. Shop for incredibly soft, sumptuous and quirky Jellycat bunny for your child from the Little Baby.

Misty Daydream

Misty Daydream comprises of a range of colorful varieties of silky furred Jellycat bunnies. The usual long bashful ears together with an irresistibly cuddly body are worth all the money. Isn’t it best that your child will have his or her best pal since the start of their life? The Jellycat bunny is a gift perfect for all ages. How can you resist this bunny when Misty Daydream provides you with a chance to customize the baby’s name with embroidery? Instantly shop for this gorgeous gift for the new one from Misty Daydream.

Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society is one of the best baby gift stores that you must visit in Singapore. The website owns a tremendous collection of beautiful baby items as well as the irresistibly good Jellycat bunnies. The gorgeous long ears and soft stuffed body is the ideal gift for a newborn or any toddler. Together with this cute bunny your child can have all the fun outside.  At this store you can wrap your gift in gorgeous boxes. So, shop from Le Petit Society and make your child’s moment joyful, adorable and memorable as soon as they enter the world. 


Bring a little magic to your baby’s life as JoyAvenue specializes in all baby gift items and celebrations. Either fun and cute Jellycat bunnies or elegant gifts, this store has got you all covered. Now you can enjoy your special days and let this store deliver your desired products. While Jellycat bunnies go well along with celebrations, you can make it more personalized and meaningful by adding customization to it. However, all the gifts are affordable, personal and extremely practical. The store has exceptional gifts for everyone. With classic designed gift boxes, tons of Jellycat bunnies to choose from and timeless delivery, Joyavenue awaits to make your moments merrier. 


The all-in-one store specializes in best-selling Jellcycat bunnies along with many other baby essential items. The ideal place for incredible gift hampers with Jellycat bunny in Singapore parents can rely on is Lovingly Signed. Pack all these necessary items in a single hamper and make it budget-friendly from this store. Lovely Signed delivers high-quality products in appealing boxes that you will certainly fall in love with the gift hamper.

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