Five Reasons Why Route Planning Software is a Must

Five Reasons Why Route Planning Software is a Must
Five Reasons Why Route Planning Software is a Must
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Route planning software solutions are the newest rage in the logistics industry. Other industrial sectors such as manufacturing, production, sales, etc. are counting on trip-planning software for better visibility and insights into their logistics operations. 

Automation has taken industrial growth by storm! How could the transport and fleet industry stay untouched by it? For a fleet company that manages hundreds of trips daily and has thousands of vehicles on board, it isn’t easy to manually manage the entire fleet. 

How does Route Planning Software automate trip monitoring for fleet companies?

A GPS tracking device aka GPS Tracker is installed in the vehicle that collects data on the vehicle’s diagnostics and its movement. After collecting data with the help of GPS Satellites, the software fetches the data from the device with the help of GSM and GPRS. 

This information collection and data transmission over a farther distance are called telematics. Telematics software such as TrackoBit offers route planning solutions, trip management software, fuel monitoring solutions and many other solutions under the vertical called fleet management software

Route Management Software Automating Trip Planning and Execution

The system gathers data in real-time from each vehicle connected to the software via a GPS Tracker. It’s now the software’s duty to process data from the binary language in a digestible and presentable manner. 

From route creation to trip planning and management, the system streamlines complete operations with the help of automation. Features that automate route management for fleet managers:

  • Dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Variety of Proof of Deliveries
  • Route Deviation Alerts
  • Trip Prioritisation
  • Geofencing 

And other features that a fleet management platform must offer. 

Five reasons why Route Planning Software is a Must for Automating Trip Management

Managing trips is one tedious job to perform when you have a fleet of hundred vehicles to look after. It’s a multi-level process that involves keen attention to consignment allocation, checking driver schedule, vehicle availability, shortest route and so much more. 

So, why should a fleet owner invest in monitoring software?

  1. Real-time Visibility of Consignment

With live tracking, the life of a fleet manager becomes so much simpler. They do not have to call drivers to know their whereabouts, delivery status or consignment pick up/drop. Real-time tracking ensures 100% visibility into the fleet operations. Real-time data and insights, help managers make emergency decisions and align ad-hoc tasks to the vehicles or drivers on duty. 

  1. Optimised Trip Planning

With historical data in hand and the knowledge of current or potential businesses to cater to, fleet managers can plan the shortest, fastest and most cost-effective route. Managers can also sequence the waypoints on the basis of the client’s priority. The high-paying clients will be given priority over a small trailer when it comes to making timely deliveries. 

  1. Automatic Report Generations

Software-aided route planning ensures the auto-generation of reports which are quick, accurate and elaborated. The room for human or clerical errors is negligible. The route management platform offers trip-wise reports, vehicle-wise reports and feature-wise too. Route deviation alerts require top-notch accuracy of data to attain precise route deviation alerts. 

  1. Accurate Data and Insights

The system gathers data in real-time at regular intervals. Human indulgence may leave some room for flaws but the route planning software is accurate. The more sophisticated the fleet management platform is, the more elaborate the data analytics they offer. 

  1. Better Decision Making 

When the decisions are backed by data and insights, they ought to be on point. Managers are more confident in making business decisions. The historical data, in-depth analytics and accurate reports help in building optimised trips. 


I hope it’s clear that a basic fleet management software platform can not meet the requirements for route planning. TrackoBit offers a dynamic and robust white-label route planning platform for better fleet management. Join forces with the best in the market to become the leading GPS Tracking System provider.

Kevin Peter