Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Camel Races

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Camel Races
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Camel racing is one of the unique cultures of the middle east. Camel racing was a part of Emirati culture even before Dubai had skyscrapers and 20-lane roads. The races are still held today and have evolved into full-fledged athletic events that attract locals and tourists. It’s a fun and unique activity; if you are a camel lover, things get more exciting at races.

Visiting a camel race is on the tourist’s radar, but sometimes they have concerns and questions. Because most people don’t know where camel races are held or how to get tickets for standard Dubai camel races? If you are planning to visit Dubai and watch camel races, we are here to help you. This article will answer all common questions about Dubai camel races.

What is the History of Camel Racing?

The camels are the prized possession of Arabs. The camels are the king of the desert, and in the beginning, the camel was the only thing that Arabs had. They used to travel on camels, use camel’s milk for food, and more. The Arabs also used to race their camels for fun and enjoyment. The history of camel racing resonates with something else as well.

Camel racing was reserved for special occasions such as weddings around the middle east. During the wedding, camels are brought to the race track, and guests enjoy the upcoming moments. The bride and groom would distribute prizes to the winner in the form of food or money. No Dubai wedding was complete until camel races were held.

Where can I watch a camel race in Dubai?

While it is true that Dubai has many locally-owned race courses, the finest venue to view the races is the Dubai Royal Camel Racing. This is the most popular race track in the whole of Dubai. At Royal Camel Racing, you can cheer the camels from your comfortable seat, and you will be provided a remote to interact with the race.

You can enjoy a unique camel journey at Royal Camel Racing (RCR) Dubai. You can experience feeding camels, riding them, and riding dune buggies to visit heritage tents; last but not least, you can participate in interactive camel racing. This definitely will be the highlight of your visit. So, do you want to adventure the camel world at RCR? Buy tickets online now and visit today!

What is the best time to see the races?

There is no special for a camel race. The races usually occur throughout the year in the whole of Dubai. But camel races typically occur between 6 and 9 am on weekends, so plan to arrive early. The racing period occurs during the winter when the temperature is calmer, generally commencing in mid-September and lasting until the end of March.

While rare special events occur throughout the year, going within the above periods ensures you’ll watch a race. You can also confirm the race dates and times from your trip advisors. You can also ask the locals about the camel race, and they will definitely inform you about the race and might take you there as a gesture of respect.

 Is there public transportation to reach the race tracks?

There are several ways to access and booking tickets for Dubai VVIP Royal Camel Racing. Since the race track is built in the desert, away from the main city, so reaching the race track takes time. To reach there, one way is to get a Dubai bus with number 67. The bus operates between 6:00 am and 8:40 am and has a stop at Royal Camel Racing.

The metro bus station is also a good option to reach the race track. Usually, the metro bus takes 1 hour to reach the race track. The camel races normally occur until 10 am, so you better take the earliest bus. You can also use a taxi or Careem if you can afford it. The taxi will take you to the race track in just 30 minutes. This time may vary depending on your location.

What are the ticket prices for the Dubai camel races?

Nothing is free in this world, and if you want to explore the national treasure of Dubai, you must pay a small price to enjoy those moments. At RCR, you will be watching the camel race from VIP seats, you will visit camels and feed them, and you will also experience riding the camels as well. All of these amenities cannot be free because, from this money, they are surviving.

The ticket prices at Royal Camel Racing Dubai range from 100 AED to 150 AED. The ticket price also depends on you; if you want to enjoy the race, the price will be 100 AED, and if you want to enjoy other things as well, then the price will be accordingly. Buy tickets online today to visit royal camel racing Dubai, and have an adventurous camel experience.

Book Your Camel Racing Tickets Today!

Camels are the national treasures of Dubai. At Royal Camel Racing Dubai, cheering for camels will be a one-of-a-kind experience. You can experience feeding camels and riding camels and interact with camel racing with a remote. So what are you waiting for? Buy tickets online now and visit RCR Dubai today!

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