From inside the 2366, the USS Corporation-C came up of a-temporal crack

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From inside the 2366, the USS Corporation-C came up of a-temporal crack

Borg King

From inside the 2063, in the Borg attack to the Enterprise-Age, which had showed up on the season 2373, Investigation is actually abducted from the an effective Borg drone. Unable to absorb the fresh android os, the newest Borg King tried to bribe Research on the subservience by offering him alive flesh rather than his polymer. Study played together, with recommended intimate interactions on Borg Queen, just who desired your as the someone to relieve the fresh new loneliness regarding this lady role given that one individual about Collective, Analysis basically ‘replacing’ Locutus. Study sooner deceived the latest Borg King, killing the woman that have warp engine coolant, which also eliminated the brand new tissue she had grafted on to your. The guy then admitted so you’re able to Picard that a part of your is actually nonetheless disappointed regarding their demise, noting you to definitely the girl provide to create your nearer to Mankind had briefly tempted your (albeit for only 0.68 mere seconds, a period one to, according to Data, equates – having an android – to help you “almost an eternity”). ( Superstar Trek: First Contact )

Option insights and timelines

The disappearance from the season 2344 triggered an adjusted timeline, the spot where the Federation is actually shedding a battle against the Klingons. Study had been the newest ship’s surgery administrator. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Firm “)

Lieutenant Worf encountered a beneficial quantum fissure which brought about him to start progressing anywhere between quantum specifics within the 2370. In many universes, Analysis had been the brand new Enterprise’s functions manager, and you will attended a surprise birthday party to own Worf. During the one ones knowledge, Data’s eyes had been blue instead of its feature red.

An additional fact, Analysis had been the newest functions officer and you can 2nd officer but try outranked by the Leader Worf, which supported as the ship’s basic officer around Chief Riker, Picard having been forgotten regarding the Competition out of Wolf 359 for the 2367. It sort of Data theorized it would-be you can easily to secure the fresh new fissure in the event the shuttlecraft Curie throughout the first facts re-inserted the new fissure and you may produced a broad spectrum warp industry. Considering Master Picard, the data on the prie conclusion. The situations following the Worf’s find had been deleted on the timeline once the fissure try sealed. ( TNG : ” The thing is “)

For the an as yet not known, solution coming timeframe, Study is a professor (this new Lucasian Teacher away from Mathematics) at Cambridge School and existed from the Isaac Newton’s house or apartment with an effective housekeeper and several pets. Frequently inside upcoming, he had realized the idea of humor, proclaiming that his housekeeper Jessel generated your laugh. Simultaneously, his informal address got a great deal more nuance and you can inflection, and he did actually have tackle the usage of contractions. He had including dyed part of their tresses grey as he considered that they generated him look recognized. Yet not, Jessel is of your own viewpoint which generated him look like a “bloody skunk.” ( TNG : ” The Good stuff. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay during the 2366 reproduced about a couple Datas when he is suffering from holo-addiction. That program got Analysis as part of the About three Musketeers, once the most other recreated the whole team of one’s Business-D. You to definitely recreation of data try present when Barclay said so long in order to his dreams and you may deleted the latest programs. ( TNG : ” Empty Activities “)
  • Barash recreated the whole command team of your own Firm-D in the 2367 for the Alpha Onias III to keep Frontrunner Riker there. This recreation taken place in the a 2383 where Study was actually marketed in order to Leader together with become the very first officer. ( TNG : ” Coming Imperfect “)
  • A pc dysfunction up to speed the fresh USS Agency-D once the holo contributed to all of the emails trying out the look of Calgary local hookup websites Data inside 2369. ( TNG : ” A good Fistful off Datas “)

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