Gain More Coins with Camel Cash Casino’s Entertaining Mini-Games

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Since its release, Camel Motion’s Camel Cash Casino has grown fairly popular among casino patrons. Camel Cash Casino, which offers more than 40 slot machine games to its users, is among the best to play casino games for free. This social casino game is additionally unique and very fascinating thanks to Camel Cash’s USPs, Piggy Bank, and Cash Cards Album.

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Mini-Games In Camel Cash Casino?

In addition to these exciting elements, Camel Cash Casino offers a number of Mini Games. Users who participate in these captivating Mini Games have the chance to win extra coins, enabling them to increase their wagers on slot machines. On top of that, the Mini Games are really fun to play and quite enjoyable. 

Check out this terrific trio by reading on. 

  1. Lucky Disco Balls Mania 

The game’s focal point is the pair of spinning disco balls on either side of the exhibit. As implied by the game’s name, Lucky Disco Balls Mania’s soundtrack has a disco vibe. To understand more about it, simply click “start.” Prize balls and winning multipliers are two different categories of disco balls. 

There are the prize balls, which are on the left side of the screen and display the number of coins. On the other hand, the right side of the mobile screen displays the winning multipliers.

The player draws the prize ball and the winning multiplier at the same time. Moreover, the coins on the prize ball multiply with the value on the multiplier ball. In this way, you win a certain number of coins. After that, you can submit a claim for your prize, and you get a sizable quantity of coins. 

For instance, if the prize ball contains 200k coins and the multiplier ball has a value of 5, you earn a total of 1000000 coins. See you for more information to website.

  1. Fun House Pinball

It is a typical pinball game, with the exception that the prizes are money rather than balls. There are three ways for the user to play pinball. At the push of a button, the Pinball commences. To get the ball into the air and rack up as many points as you can use the flippers.

You receive the coins from the outer ring, and these will grow, thanks to the inner ring. If the ball hits the danger zone during any flip, the probability will be zero. If you choose the speed-up option, the revolving wheel will spin more quickly; if you choose the reverse function, the rotating wheel will rotate anticlockwise.

  1. Beer Mania Fortune

You must select from a range of barrels on a shelf in the beer bonus game, Beer Mania Fortune. Those barrels will snap at the slightest pressure. You can also earn a significant number of coins by completely filling the glass tumbler in the middle of the screen.

If the stars are on your side, the beer behind the barrels might be sold in pints. That glass tumbler’s capacity will be determined by those pints.

It’s also interesting to see that some barrels contain pints of beer, while others only contain coins. On the other side, you should stay away from the chicken leg parts. If you obtain three chicken leg parts, the game is however done. The uplifting music in Beer Mania Fortune further improves the user’s experience.


To put it simply, Camel Cash Casino never ceases to astound with its peculiar features. Among the already vast variety of top casino slots with excellent graphics, the Mini Games are a breath of fresh air. Whenever you run out of coins, you can play these entertaining games to increase your coin total.

Aside from that, these games are really entertaining because of their incredible stages. Moreover, the animations in the Mini Games are also excellent. Get started by downloading this fun social casino game from The App Store as soon as you can. 

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