Galitos Chicken: A Taste of South Africa in Canada

Galitos Chicken
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Galitos Chicken is a popular Canadian restaurant chain known for its delicious, authentic South African-style grilled chicken. The restaurant has a unique concept of cooking chicken in the traditional South African way with a secret blend of herbs and spices. The restaurant was established with the aim of introducing authentic South African chicken to the Canadian public. In this review article, we provide detailed insights into restaurant locations, ambiance, food and drink, service, and value.

Location and Atmosphere

Galitos Chicken has locations in several Canadian cities with a number of outlets in Ontario. The location of the restaurant is easily accessible and has good parking. The interior of the restaurant has a rustic and warm atmosphere due to the use of wood and brick. The atmosphere in the restaurant is lively and the overall atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. The restaurant has a casual and informal atmosphere. Perfect for a casual dinner with friends or a quick lunch. The restaurant is also wheelchair accessible and has ample seating.

Food and Drink

Galitos Chicken’s menu offers a variety of dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and side dishes. The restaurant serves both half and whole chicken. You can choose between peri-peri or lemon herb marinade. Chicken cooked to perfection with crispy skin and succulent meat. The peri-peri sauce has flavor and taste while the lemon herb marinade is sour and fresh. 

Meals are served with fries or porridge(a traditional South African side dish) which is a good accompaniment to the chicken. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options such as falafel sandwiches and salads. Galiots offers a wide choice of drinks, including soft drinks, lemonades, beer, and a selection of wines. The restaurant also offers a wide choice of desserts, including malva pudding (a traditional South African dessert) and ice cream.


The restaurant staff is friendly and professional. Always ready to help and answer questions. Fast and efficient service and employees are attentive to customer needs. The restaurant generally provides excellent customer service. And the staff are knowledgeable about the menu and ingredients used. They can give advice and help with questions or problems. The staff are well trained and take pride in their work, which is reflected in the quality of service.

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Galitos Chicken is reasonably priced and the restaurant offers excellent value for money. The portion sizes are generous and the food is delicious. Restaurants also offer offers and discounts including a loyalty program and student discounts. The restaurant also offers catering and takeaway service. It is a great choice for parties and events. The restaurant also has a loyalty program that rewards loyal customers with discounts and free items.


Overall, Galitos Chicken is a great restaurant serving delicious and authentic South African-style grilled chicken. The place and atmosphere are comfortable and pleasant, great food and drinks Fast and efficient service, and value for money. This restaurant is worth a visit for all chicken lovers. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience that showcases South African flavors and culture in a friendly and welcoming environment. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. provide a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or a quick lunch, Galitos Chicken is a great option. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes. including vegetarian food to meet different dietary needs and preferences. The restaurant also offers a wide choice of drinks and desserts to complement the main course. The restaurant’s loyalty program and discounts make it even more worthwhile. 

All in all, Galitos Chicken is a must for anyone looking for delicious, authentic South African roast chicken in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The unique concept and delicious food distinguish the restaurant from other chicken restaurants. This restaurant is a great place to enjoy a casual meal with friends or family. And it’s worth a visit if you haven’t tried it yet.

Azeem Adam