Gaumukh tapovan trek- a complete guide 

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek
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Gomukh, renowned as “Gaumukh” or “Gomukhi” is the terminus or out of the Gangotri Glacier and the origin of the Bhagirathi River, one of the fundamental headstreams of the Ganga River. The 

Gomukh/Gaumukh means “Mouth of a Cow” which it looks like. 

The place is positioned at an altitude of 13,200 ft in the Uttarkashi district in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. 

This place is famous as a pilgrimage site as well as an enthralling trekking site. Trekkers nowadays find the panoramic natural beauty at Gaumukh mesmerizing. And the challenging trek satiates the thirst for thrill and adventure. 

Best time for trekking in Gaumukh tapovan 

The best time of the year to visit Gaumukh Tapovan and enjoy a trek around its glaciers is from September to June. Around April to June, the sacred site of Gaumukh gives birth to varieties of rivers due to the melting of glaciers, giving mesmerizing and eye-soothing views for trekkers. The view of snow clad mountains and glaciers can be relished around September to November. Hence these are the best months to enjoy trekking at such soulful sites and enjoy some exquisite journeys. 

Trekking at Gaumukh 

Gaumukh trek is an approximately 6-day trek hiked over 46 km in the mighty Himalayas. The trail of the trek sweeps through the confines of Gangotri National park. Gaumukh glacier snout is one of the highest in India. Below the glacier, Bhagirathi ( a tributary of the Ganga) flowed through the cavern. The view generated is stunning and will leave the trekkers in awe. 

Traversing through the glaciers can be a thriller for the trekkers. Tip-toeing through the creases of the glacier trekkers will ultimately rich the climbing point to enter the Tapovan. This is the most adventurous part. 

The Gomukh Tapovan trek is panoramic with nature’s bounty and is decorated with fragrant flowers, snow-clad peaks, and similar jaw-dropping views. Take a dip in the holy Bhagirathi River, which is considered one of the most sacred rituals. During the Gomukh glacier trek, one can also immerse in the heavenly divine aura of the pilgrim cities- Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, and Bhojwassa. Marvel at the sight of the Bhagirathi sisters to experience the summit views of the Shivpuri mountains. 

Destinations while trekking 

The beautiful trek starts at Gangotri, the source of the holy river Ganga. The trek begins with a trek from Gangotri to Chirbasa. This place is covered by greenery, although that is not too dense. 

When you move out from Chirbasa, there is a trek to Bhojwasa, a comparatively barren and desolate 

area. As you reach Bhojwasa again, lush greenery can be seen, the view will soothe all your tiredness. Next, the trekkers can head to Gaumukhi glaciers and trek up to the Tapovan, a meadow filled with lush greenery, the best place for meditation for sages and aesthetics. Trekkers can head back in the same manner. The contrast in locations will allow witnessing different landscapes and relishing the tranquil at the same time thrilling trekking experience. 

Preparing for the trek 

The trek is from a moderate to difficult level. Therefore the trekkers need to be physically prepared. Trekkers need to carry all their requirements with them. They need to carry a mapping device as well to have a safe, secure, and enjoyable trek. Trekkers must be braced for an arduous hike along broad pathways and a constantly changing climate. 

Other activities at Gaumukh Tapovan 

This pilgrimage site is full of wonders. Here travelers can visit some of the most ancient temples such as Gangotri temple and seek blessings. And praise the ancient form of architecture. You can even admire the evening Ganga aarti. And indulge in spirituality for some time. 

Trekkers can increase their stay and enjoy some adventurous river rafting activities as well and relish the enthralling experience amidst the wild waves. 

The best and most relaxing among them all is sightseeing in these heavenly glaciers. There you can enjoy the splendid view of Mt. Shivling and Mt. Bhagirathi. The view is mesmerizing and eye soothing. 


Trekking is a most enthralling and adventurous activity at the same time it is calming and relaxing. To reduce boredom of time and spend some time in the lap of nature, trekking at Gaumukh Tapovan is the best option. The trekkers can surely gain some amazing life experiences to treasure. The journey will rejuvenate you and give you some time for yourself for introspection. This way you can forget all the humdrum of life and relish the rejuvenating feeling. 

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