Get Ready for a Movie Extravaganza with AMC’s Special Events

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AMC theaters are known for their excellent movie-watching experiences, and they offer a range of special events that take your cinema experience to the next level. Whether it’s an advance screening, fan event, or something else, AMC has something for everyone. Here’s a rundown of AMC’s movie special events and what you can expect.

1.     Advance Screenings

As the name suggests, advance screenings are early showings of upcoming movies. This event is ideal for movie buffs who can’t wait to see the latest releases. AMC offers advance screenings of highly anticipated movies to AMC Stubs members. AMC Stubs is the company’s rewards program that offers perks like discounted tickets, concession deals, and more. You can join AMC Stubs for free and receive exclusive offers, including access to advance screenings.

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2.     Fan Events

Fan events are a great way for movie fans to come together and celebrate their favorite movies. AMC hosts fan events for a wide range of movies, from blockbusters to indie films. These events often include special guests, themed activities, and exclusive merchandise. Fan events are an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded movie fans and enjoy a unique movie experience.

3.     Special Screenings

AMC also offers special screenings for classic movies, anniversary showings, and other events. These screenings are a great way to relive old favorites on the big screen or experience them for the first time. AMC’s special screenings include movies from different eras and genres, so there’s something for everyone.

AMC Movie Prices

While AMC’s special events are a great way to enjoy movies in a unique way, it’s essential to consider AMC movie prices before attending. Movie ticket prices can vary depending on location, movie, and other factors. It’s a good idea to check AMC’s website or app for current prices before attending a special event. Additionally, AMC Stubs members can save money on ticket prices, so joining the rewards program can be a smart move for frequent moviegoers.


If you’re a movie fan, AMC’s special events are a great way to enjoy your favorite movies in a new and exciting way. From advance screenings to fan events and special screenings, there’s always something going on at AMC. Don’t forget to check AMC movie prices before attending a special event, and consider joining AMC Stubs for exclusive offers and discounts. With AMC’s special events, you can enjoy movies like never before.