Get Ready to Join the Orbwars with The Orbwars New NFT Game 

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Are you ready to join the newest NFT game, The Orbwars? For all of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers out there, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. With a starting investment as low as $10, you can purchase boosters and get Tiimons with 5 accessories. Plus, if you register now, you get a free Tiimon! Read on to learn more about why this is an opportunity too good to pass up. 

What is The Orbwars? 

The Orbwars are an exciting new way to participate in the rapidly growing world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As explained on their website, “7 orbs crashed on earth. Each orb unleashed a swarm of Tiimons. They are all set to scare, fight and conquer.” This game allows players to buy boosters for as low as $10 and equip their Tiimons with accessories so they can fight against humans to win the land and other Tiimons in the game. 

How Do I Play? 

The first step is connecting your wallet so that you can claim tickets everyday — tickets are essential for playing the game and building up your Tiimons. It give access to Training fights and Pranks where you gain experience of your Tiimons and win items by scaring humans. 

It’s time to purchase booster packs which have limited supplies available — so don’t delay! Finally, once you open your boosters and equip your Tiimons with accessories, it’s time for battle! 

What Makes The Orbwars Unique? 

There are many unique features that make The Orbwars stand out from its competitors in the NFT gaming space. It offers a safe environment where all transactions occur within a secure blockchain network; plus it allows users to buy boosters at a low cost compared with similar games; and finally you can join the game absolutely free claiming 1 Tiimon by connections your wallet . All these features combined make The Orbwars an attractive option for both experienced gamers and those just getting started in the world of NFTs alike. 


If you’re looking for an exciting new way to invest in cryptocurrency, then look no further than The Orbwars new NFT game! With its low starting investment price of $10 and helpful features like secure blockchain networks, affordable booster packs, extremely low transaction and gas fees—this game has something for everyone! Don’t wait any longer—head over now to and start investing today!

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