Get your life back with breast reduction for men | Gynecomastia

People with gynecomastia usually have low self-esteem. So, if you are embarrassed by male breasts, get your life back with gynecomastia surgery.

Get your life back
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Gynecomastia is a condition in males that causes excess male breast tissue, usually due to a hormonal imbalance. This condition affects males of all ages and can negatively affect their self-esteem and confidence. But thankfully, you can get your life back with gynecomastia surgery because it is a permanent solution for a flatter and masculine chest. However, be sure to seek out the best board-certified plastic surgeon while choosing a surgeon to perform your gynecomastia surgery. The surgeon you choose must have experience working with gynecomastia patients. 

How can you get your life back with gynecomastia surgery?

  • Boost your self-esteem 

Having breasts similar to women can make you feel horrible about yourself. You want to jump out of your skin and be different. Not only do you feel bad about yourself when you look in the mirror, but things worsen when people around you notice your male breasts. So you have to cover up with a baggy sweatshirt or coat, and that’s the way to go through your life hiding and covering up. 

But you should know that you are not alone in facing this problem. Gynecomastia is a reality for hundreds of thousands of men worldwide, and this condition goes on to cause poor body image, depression, and anxiety issues. With these issues, it is difficult to concentrate on anything. Getting ahead in life becomes much harder with gynecomastia. 

Gynecomastia surgery gives you your lost confidence. This is acceptance of your body, and it’s usually for a man to feel confident in his own body after the life-changing gynecomastia surgery in Lahore. This surgical procedure gives you a boost of confidence that can bleed into all parts of your life, personally as well as professionally.  

  • Have a healthier life by losing some extra pounds

It is a misconception that all patients with gynecomastia are overweight. While being above normal BMI can make breast growth more visible, men with normal BMI can form gynecomastia. 

Yet, maintaining a normal and healthy weight is often difficult for individuals of any weight who suffer from excessive breast growth. Extra fat and glandular tissue on the chest can make it hard to do any physical activity to the point of weight loss. 

After the excess skin, fatty tissue, and glandular tissue are removed during the surgery, and it gets easier to enjoy swimming, doing exercise, and losing weight. 

  • Enjoy every piece of clothing you desire

Hiding your male breasts in sweatshirts and coats can limit your wardrobe and affect your self-esteem badly. While shopping, you may forgo a nice shirt because you think it will make your breasts prominent. You can avoid all these problems after male breast reduction surgery.

You can shop your favorite shirts with confidence after the gynecomastia surgery. No piece of clothing that you love will be out of bounds for you. You should show off your masculine chest and get your life back with gynecomastia surgery.

  • Have a charming and masculine physique 

Males are not supposed to have breasts like females, but in gynecomastia, the breasts in men grow beyond what is supposed to be normal. 

With gynecomastia surgery, you can have a strong, toned, and masculine chest. Whether you like going to the gym, being a bodybuilder, or simply want a healthy physique, you can have it all after the removal of unwanted skin, and fatty and glandular tissue. 

  • Easily participate in all the physical activities you enjoy

Sometimes females find running and jumping more difficult on account of their breasts. Men with gynecomastia face the same problem. With the excess tissue on the chest, the movement of the body becomes limited. This can stop you from going to the gym or playing any sports that you have otherwise enjoyed. This can make it difficult to have a healthy weight, and your overall body may not be as limber due to a lack of physical activity. 

After gynecomastia surgery, people notice that they feel much freer and more lightweight. It is because they don’t have any excess tissue jiggling on their chest, which makes running, jumping, and any other sport more comfortable and enjoyable.  

  • Attain a better posture than before 

The excess glandular and fatty tissue pulls your chest forward, causing you to slouch. Even if you want to stand up straight, your chest will pull your shoulders back down. It is a never-ending battle that you are in and can have long-term detrimental consequences. With time your spine becomes curved, and this can give you a permanent hump. You may also experience chronic back pain. 

Gynecomastia surgical treatment removes the excessive weight from your chest. It will be much easier to stand up straight with the chest out and shoulders back. Gynecomastia surgery also prevents chronic back pain from forming with age. 

  • Get permanent results 

Visible results can be seen after the gynecomastia surgery, but there will be some swelling and bruising. Once the swelling and bruins subside, your chest will appear masculine. These results last for life with proper care. 

The fatty tissue, excessive skin, and glandular tissue that is removed in surgery will not grow back if you maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight can lead to the recurrence of fatty tissue, but if you keep a healthy weight, the surgery results will remain the same. 

  • Have symmetrical nipples

For many men, male breasts are only a part of the reason they feel unconfident. For some men, uneven nipples are also a problem they face. Asymmetrical nipples and puffy nipples worsen self-esteem and cause men many psychological problems.  

Gynecomastia surgery also involves the correction of the nipples. During the gynecomastia procedure, the surgeons change the size of the nipples and make them symmetrical. This results in symmetrical nipples and a masculine chest which boosts a man’s self-esteem. 

  • Quick and comfortable surgical procedure

You might be fearful of the surgery, and this is understandable. Because anytime you are placed under general anesthesia, you are bound to feel anxious. However, due to advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques, surgery for gynecomastia is now quick and comfortable. 

How do surgeons perform gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery involves liposuction and excision of the tissue. The surgeons make small cuts to minimize the appearance of the scars after healing. In some cases of gynecomastia, the surgeon hides the cut marks within the natural folds of the body and further hides the scarring that may result. 

After cuts have been made near the areoles, surgeons use liposuction for gynecomastia to suction out fatty tissue from the chest with a thin cannula. 

Most people believe that gynecomastia is caused only by fatty tissues, but that is not the case. Excessive glandular tissue is also the cause of gynecomastia. After liposuction, the surgeons use aesthetic tools to remove the glandular tissue from the chest. With this tool, surgeons can watch the inside of the patients on monitors in the operating room. This surgery is a minimally invasive technique with low risks of complications.

Gynecomastia surgery also removes the excess skin of the chest that has grown beyond the sides. After the removal of fatty tissue, excess skin, and glandular tissue, the surgeons close the wounds. 

The recovery is a breeze if you follow the instructions of the surgeon about post-surgical care, and you will be back to normal activities before you know it. 

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