Giving Your Lawn New Life With a Skid Steer Mulcher

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Anyone who has a piece of land knows that you need to take care of it so plants and trees can grow. It could also improve your property’s curb value. But aside from mowing the grass and tending your garden, is there a way to take care of the health of the soil under your feet?

Mulching could be the answer.

What is Mulching?

Soil mulching is the method of covering the surface of the soil with organic matter. This creates a condition that improves the quality and health of the soil, which makes it a favorable condition for the growth of plants and crops.

Mulching can be hard work. But if you have heavy machinery such as a skid steer mulcher, you can cover a lot of ground in your property and even make it more effective for your property. You can use all kinds of organic matter, such as wood chips, grass clippings, bark and even pebbles.

The Benefits of Mulching

There are many benefits that mulching can do for the soil. Mainly, it creates a layer of protection to the roots of plants and trees. It also helps your soil retain a lot of nutrients that could be lost due to weather, rain, and erosion. Here are the most valuable to any property owner:

It controls weeds.

Mulching prevents weeds from breaking through the top soil and growing. It also stops weeds from receiving sunlight, especially in open spaces where they might thrive. If you have a lot of open areas in your lawn, these are areas where weeds can germinate. 

It prevents erosion.

Erosion is a serious concern for property owners. Mulching can prevent serious loss of soil through erosion because the protective layer keeps the soil moist. This makes it harder for water to displace much of your soil, providing a barrier between the ground and the elements.

If you use a skid steer mulcher, you can use pebbles and river rocks as part of your mulching material. Using these can prevent soil loss, and enable more moisture to be retained in the soil. 

Maintains nutrients in the soil.

Mulching your lawn could also keep the soil in your property healthy. The mulch layer protects the nutrients from erosion. When you use organic mulch such as leaves and barks, they naturally break down and provide more nutrients to the soil.

This will keep your soil healthy, and soil microbes will provide more beneficial nutrients that will give your lawn a healthy ecosystem for plants and trees.

It can control pests.

Mulching will also help control pests in your property. When you use certain barks and wood chips, they can deter certain insects. However, some could attract particular insects too. It’s best to ask a professional when buying mulching material if you want to control pests and insects in your property.

Give Your Lawn a New Lease on Life

Even if your lawn looks as if it’s dying, you can give it a new lease on life when you spread mulch with a skid steer mulcher. You can restore it to the lush and healthy green environment it once was, and you can boost your property’s value too!

Kevin Peter