Best Green Hair Color Ideas for Women

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Green hair is an elegant, high-fashion shade that will draw attention wherever you go. The green hair trend has taken over the Instagram feeds of famous people like Kim K and Dua Lipa, inspiring colorists to create similar hues in shades ranging from vibrant emeralds to rocker neons to leafy pastels.

Highlights, lowlights, ombre, and other coloring techniques are incorporating green hair dye styles . When you think of green hair color, don’t think of grass because there are so many different shades. A professional colorist can assist those who are unsure about using do-it-yourself hair dyes for such a unique color. Hair dyes are necessary to achieve that green color.

It’s a flawless color that attracts attention and promises magic, but also needs a lot of love and care. To get started, you need to bleach your hair thoroughly and evenly to get the most out of the dye. Using color-safe and color-depositing shampoos and conditioners as well as washing your hair with cold water extends the life of this lush green goodness.

Maintaining a lustrous mane may require some effort, but the results are always impressive and well worth it!

Check out these pictures and show off one of these popular green hair colors before your next appointment!

Green Hair Color That’s Dip-Dyed

If you don’t want green on your roots, Choose dip dyed hair. If you want a bold color that works well with your naturally dark hair, go with a medium-dark green shade.
Tips for Pear Green: Select a yellow-green shade like pear green to create a fun contrast. It adds color without being overpowering to your dark hair.

Balayage Hair in Green and Blue

With balayage hair, your hair’s color transitions look more natural. The colors are handpainted on sections of your hair in a specific way. Your hair will have dimension thanks to this method. Additionally, it is extremely stylish!

Green Streaks:

Use light green to color one or two sections of your naturally dark hair. The stark contrast makes your hair look great. If you want to see if having green hair is right for you, you can also get streaks.
Combining blonde and mint green hair takes things to a whole new level of chic! It will unquestionably give your hair new shapes, highlighting your style in a new light.

Deep Green Highlights

Choose a rich, deep shade that complements your naturally dark hair to wear green in a subtle way. It adds dimension to your hair and gives waves and layers a more defined appearance.

Green and Pink Hair

Don’t know which color to go with? Get them both to have hair that has two tones. Pick hues that go well together, like pink and seafoam green. If you want to look playful or kawaii, wear this sweet combination.

Hair Color in Green and Brown If you like earthy tones, give this two-toned hair color in green and brown a try. Even though the colors are muted, the edgy look is still eye-catching.


Create a look that is as striking as its nameake jewel by styling your hair with this rich and vivid color.

Pine Green

Pine Green is a dark, mysterious green that gives off an edgy vibe. If you like colors with cool undertones, this is another option worth considering.

Neon Green

Hair Color In terms of neon hair colors, celebrities frequently sport shades of bright green. This color is definitely wearable on you as well!

Hair Color For those who prefer to keep their bold choices understated, hidden hair colors, also known as peekaboo hair colors, are ideal. The hair color should be applied to the underside of your hair so that it will only show if you want it to.

Sea Green

Sea green is a cooler shade than the browns and yellows that are typically associated with beach hair. You can create a gradient style by coloring the tips lighter and working your way toward the roots darker. You’ll get a deep sea effect on your locks this way.

Can’t decide on a color for your hair? Green Undercut Hair Split Hair Dye The solution is a split hair dye. Credit: Pexels’ split hair dye is made for people who enjoy experimenting with their hair. If you’re one of those people who can’t decide on a single hair color, you should give this fun hairstyle a shot at least once.

You have every reason to try this hair color with these ideas. Yes, going green is a trend!

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