Hair Extension Packaging Designs

Hair Extension Packaging
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Are you a product packager looking for inspiration? Have you ever wondered what other product package designs look like? The Hair Extension Packaging design will put the whole product in perspective and display the benefits of using this product to the targeted customers. These designs can be used for beauty shops, saloons, and even retail stores because they have an eye-catching appearance that both buyers and clients will love.

Custom Foldable Hair Extension Boxes

Packaging is an important part of the industry. Hair extensions are expensive, and they need to be transported safely. A custom-designed box can make your product stand out on the shelf and help customers identify yours as a high-quality product that they should buy.

When designing a custom box, there are several factors you should consider:

Inner Packaging Material

The inner packing material should be thick enough to provide cushioning but not so thick that it would take up too much space in the box.

Inner Packaging Material Color

Choose a color that matches the color of your packaging design or design your color scheme to match your brand’s colors.

Outer Packing Material

You may want to choose an outer packing material with different textures or patterns than what is used for other products in your line. This will help set it apart from others on the shelf and give it more visual appeal.

Closure Style

You can choose from many types of closures, including Velcro or snap closures, which jewelry companies often use; ties or straps; or even no closure!

Custom Wig Boxes with Drawer

Custom Wig Boxes are a great way to package your wigs. When you’re trying to sell a product that can be used for multiple purposes (often used for one particular purpose), you want to ensure that your customers know exactly what they are getting. A custom drawer box will help you do just that!  Each size has different compartments available for storage: small has two, the medium has four, and large has six. All drawers are made of stiff cardboard material, so they won’t bend easily under pressure – making them perfect for storing heavy items like jewelry or other precious metals!

You can choose from hundreds of different colors and designs so that your product stands out among the rest when displayed at retail locations across town; or even online if selling through websites.

Custom Rigid Hair Extension Boxes

You know how important it is to have good product packaging for those of you who are in the business. The process involves weaving pieces of human or synthetic hair into your natural ones.

This type of package is made from cardboard, which makes it sturdy enough to hold the weight of the full head without bending or damaging the extensions.

In addition to providing protection, custom packaging makes it easier for customers to store their extensions between uses. And since it is designed specifically for this purpose, there’s no need to worry about finding another box that will work as well as yours!

Custom Sleeve Hair Extension Boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes are one of the most popular packaging designs. These boxes have an outer sleeve with a window, allowing your customers to see the contents of the box before opening it. The sleeve can be printed with your company logo or other graphics and colors that match your brand or product. The sleeve is made from cardboard, a sturdy material that will hold well in transit.

These sleeves are available for single-piece and multi-piece hair extensions and with various flap configurations. Depending on your needs, the flap can be folded down over the top of the box or opened at all times. For example, if you want to show off your products prominently on store shelves, you may want an open flap design so customers can see them immediately upon entering a store; however, if you want to prevent theft while still being able to show off your products, you might prefer a closed flap design instead.


Hair Extension Packaging bundles extensions of the same color in one pack to make things convenient for customers who want to use them for a long time. They are easy to store and reduce labor costs. Currently, many companies on the market produce these products! In this day and age, it is easy to find tons of different packaging design inspirations. Suppose you are into hair extensions and considering creating a brand’s packaging. In that case, there are some package design ideas that you can use as your guide, whether choosing between going with the simple look or something more complex.

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