Having our chips will make everything else skip

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Delicious CHIPPY’S  is the perfect snack to enjoy in-between meals. With a busy lifestyle, CHIPPY’S snacks make snacking easy and tasty! It is of no surprise if someone says that chippys are the first preference of not only kids but adults as well. Its five varieties, including Cream ‘n’ Onion, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted Masala, and plain salted, were exquisite.

If any chips are uniquely American, they would be our chippys. Our different flavours of chippys have something which makes it truly pleasant tasting. Chips can be used in a variety of ways, from dipping bowls for chunky salsa to fulfilling our midnight craving. Chippy’s is sold in packaging for Rs 5 and Rs 10. Kids can therefore select the packaging size that they think is appropriate for their picnic and bring it along. Consider the following while you browse the extensive column of chips at your neighbourhood supermarket or online :

  • Chippy’s Cream n Onion Flavour: With its attractive packaging, Chippy’s Cream n Onion can be easily identified. Strong flavours are present in every mouthful, and the superior potato is clear.
  • Chippy’s Tangy Tomato: It is the result of a wondrous mix of tomatoes and our love for you.
  • Chippy’s Classic Salted Masala: Since we have been making chips for more than a century, we have perfected our formula. It is the perfect balance of potato and salt.

Craving for our Chips? Go and try it out NOWWWW!

One of our customers says about Kiwi Food’s Chippy’s – That I can’t spend a day without having a packet of chips. This is what we have achieved.

Consuming chip is a go-all-out endeavour. You’re probably lying to yourself if you can’t finish the full bag in one sitting. We all know you’d be glad to eat chips constantly, so why not do it? Why not do it with the help of fantastic dishes that include chips in every meal? And obviously, it would taste best with our assorted flavours. So, with the following delectable recipes, you may begin the next chapter of your chip-eating life:

  1. Potato Chip Chicken Fingers: Lean chicken breast strips are cut into finger-like shapes, sprinkled with crunchy chips, and then baked until crispy and golden brown. Countless flavours can be used!
  2. Crispy Fish & Chips: Without a side of mouth-watering chippy’s, what good is a fillet of crispy fish? Your fish will become something spectacular when you add sauce, breadcrumbs, and horseradish.
  3. Nacho Chips: This nacho chips recipe is a hit for those moments when you just need a hearty, comfortable meal. The ultimate appetiser may be quickly prepared and served for a quick family supper. It’s really easy to put together and even simpler to clean up, combining everyone’s favourites like chips, cheese, and even some vegetables.
  4. Chips with Cheese: Serving chips with cheese dripping on top is the best. Using this delicious recipe, you can easily manufacture your food-van-style chips at home.
  5. Veggie Chipotle with Chips: Everyone will enjoy this scrumptious feast of crispy, tasty chips, an easy-to-make vegetable chilli, and loads of ooey cheese.
  6.  Cheesecakes with a potato chip crust: Cheesecakes with a potato chip crust and herb-seasoned cheesecakes. Add some cream cheese and onion dip taste. Spring onions should be finely chopped before being added. To finish, add a stark contrast to Kiwi delicacies, such as Cream ‘n’ Onion Chippy’s.

Try all these recipes with your relatives and friends, taking one bite of which will lead them to say only one word WOW !  and if they ask for its recipe ask them it’s your love for them! In conclusion, Kiwi Foods Chippy’s are the ideal chips for outdoor gatherings like school picnics and birthday parties. So it’s a must-try for everyone.

Myra Singh