Heat Pump Water Heater | A One-Time Investment

Heat Pump Water Heater
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Have you ever taken the time to think about the last time that you checked for leaks in the plumbing of your house? “Out of sight, out of mind” is the phrase that describes the amount of time we spend thinking about it. If we’re able to have hot water available when we turn our “H” knob, we seldom look at the gadget stored away in the basement, garage or utility room.

Water heaters are among the most inefficient appliances in your home. Electric water heaters are responsible for a majority of 18 per cent of your electric bills as per Energy.gov. The more dated your water heater is, the less efficient it is.

Heat pump water heaters can use up to 63% less energy than traditional electric water heaters, claims, Sarah Wider, of DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

What Is The Heat Pump Water Heater Function?

The water heaters that use heat pump technology utilise electricity to transfer heat from one area to another and do not produce heat as an electrical water heater. They are up to 3 times as efficient in accordance with the Department of Energy (DOE). Imagine a heat pump heating element as an appliance that operates in reverse.

  • A refrigerator extracts heat from the inside of a box, and then discharges it into the space it’s located in.
  • A water heater powered by an electric pump draws heat from the surrounding air and releases it at a higher temp, into a tank for heating water.

The water heaters that are heated by a heat pump are sometimes referred to as “hybrid” water heaters because when there is a high amount of demand for hot water they can change to normal electric resistance heat in a single click. You can utilise the control panel to change the temperature of the water heater to different settings, including hybrid mode. If you don’t wish it to automatically switch between modes you can change it to a regular temperature setting.

A lot of control panels come with different settings and modes that can be used to help you save money. If you have two kids who are showering simultaneously in separate bathrooms, while you’re washing dishes You can set the dishwasher on to “High-demand” or “Hybrid” mode to have sufficient hot water. Hybrid modes are considered to be the more efficient energy mode for use in the daytime.

What Is The Cost Of The Heat Pump Water Heater To Help You Save?

If every home within Australia uses a heat pump water heater (under 55 gallons) and the energy savings could reach 8.2 billion dollars per year in accordance with Energy Star. A water heater that is heated by a heat pump could save your family of four persons about $330 annually on your electricity bill, according to the website of the federal government Energy Star. It’s an estimated savings of $3400 over the course of the life of a typical heat pump heater. When your home is similar to The Brady Bunch, you’ll save even more on your electricity bill every year. The bigger your family, the faster you’ll get the return on your investment.

What Will The Heat Pump Water Heater Will Cost?

As with all things that work more efficiently and help save money the heat pump water heater is priced some higher than an ordinary electric water heater. At Lowe’s the 50-gallon heat pump water heater is priced at about $1100, whereas its more traditional and older counterpart, that is an electric heater could be bought for around $300.

It is suggested that you hire an expert to install your water heater with a heat pump to increase its efficiency. According to HomeAdvisor that the typical water heater installation costs are between $700 and $900. When selecting a certified professional for the installation of your heater make sure to:

  • Ask for estimates by writing
  • Request references
  • Be sure to check the locale Better Business Bureau
  • Be sure that they have the necessary permits and are aware of the local building code

At the final point, your initial heat pump water heater price will be offset over the life that the heater will last because of the amount you’ll save on the electric cost.

The Bottom Line

If you’re shopping for an electronic water heater you might consider spending the extra money to buy a heat pump water heater. The savings can be significant, particularly for households with larger families. Water heaters with heat pumps are more durable (around 13-15 years) than conventional electric water heaters (around 8-12 years) and are therefore an excellent investment.

Chetan Kapoor