Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Award

Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Award
Helpful Tips On Choosing Your Award
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The selection of the right recognition awards for your event or presentation is a difficult task. There are many factors, which are often contradictory which must be taken into consideration when making the choice such as the image you want to portray of the occasion “brand personality” of the organization that is presenting the event, the expectations of the person who will be receiving the award as well as budgetary constraints. It is important to be cautious when balancing these elements, award presentations which aren’t of high quality or do not reflect the prestige of the ceremony, could be detrimental on the event overall and can leave a bad impression on the recipient as well as other stakeholders.

The ideal award should be a reflection of “total quality”, and accurately reflect, or enhance the distinctive appearance and image of your company, event or award ceremony. To aid you in making the most appropriate decision about your awards for achievement we’ll add articles as time goes on which will highlight specific aspects of the selection procedure. They may be focused on individual and corporate award recognition in a broad sense. 

High-Level Design Guidance


Recognition and achievement awards provide an excellent opportunity to promote the organization’s branding message and help to reinforce its position. We’ve worked with a variety of organizations to make unique, custom-made awards and trophies which adhere to and expand their brand and branding. These awards incorporate various unique design elements to achieve this. We are extremely happy with the original award designs that we collaborated with our customers to make – some truly “out of the box” and exude originality, but remain true to the brand’s image. This article highlights some of these distinctive, branding-building designs.

Choose Style For Your Custom Awards 

One of the more intriguing and creative aspects of designing a custom trophy or award design is deciding on the style that is the most suitable for your requirements. The selection of an design style to be applied to your custom awards or trophies mostly a matter of personal preference or the preferences of your organization However, many other aspects can influence your decision to go in one style over another one, such as the image of your company and/or brand goal for the prize, ceremony, and possibly, the award winners themselves. This article will discuss the many styles of design you have at your disposal and will help you choose which one is most suitable for your needs.

Choose The Right type of Custom Awards 

In the process of creating custom awards and trophies There are a lot of important decisions to make , some of them strategic and some tactical. One of the major crucial decisions you’ll have to make in the early stages of your plan is the “type” of custom trophy or award you wish to design. The selection in “type” will have significant impacts on the cost for your award, as well as the time needed to create and manufacture them, as well as their replicability. This article provides a brief overview of possible options and assists you in comparing and comparing them to find the most appropriate kind of award to meet your requirements.

Custom Awards Based On Your Brand

Customized awards that are based on brand mascots will be instantly recognizable to all the people who receive awards: participants, winners as well as employees and that will be watching the award when it’s being handed out or displayed after the award presentation. The awards will be able to transmit all of the attributes of the brand that are associated with the icon on the basis of which they were created. In essence, the majority of the work regarding message connotation is already accomplished.

Alternative Design Approaches For Creating Unique Awards

There are many various design strategies we can employ to design an award of recognition which is customized to your requirements. We typically use terms like “custom”, “customizable” and “personalized” to describe and classify these methods This article will outline the main distinctions between these options.

Color Considerations For Your Custom Awards

One of the options that you might have to consider when creating an award that is custom-designed will be the colors that you wish to include in your award. The choice of colors is typically connected to our custom-cut steel awards, which are designed in an almost unlimited assortment of colors. However, exclusive and customized colors can be added to other kinds of awards for recognition in either the primary color element or even as an additional accent.

Custom Sculpture Awards

Custom-made sculpture awards are the most popular and well-known type of award we make. The awards, as the name suggests, are based on a hand-sculpted figure that acts to serve as an “master” model for the award’s production. The model serves as the base upon which molds are made and serves to serve as an “reusable” starting point for the creation of each award. The advantages of awards made from sculpture include their flexibility in design and the level of handcrafted artistic skill that is integral to their production and design and their capacity to accommodate massive production quantities as well as the wide range of finish and material options they provide.

Sculpture Awards

Many different materials are used to create customized awards, such as glass, crystal and steel. Other options include wood, bronze, pewter and more. The style of a customized award typically determines the type of material that are used to create the award. For custom-designed sculpture awards, the most popular materials used are pewter and bronze. This article examines the distinctions between these two materials, and the effects of these differences on the awards they’re best suited to.

Custom Fabricated Awards

Fabricated awards are among the many kinds of custom awards we typically create. In contrast to awards made of sculpture, which are made by traditional casting methods Fabricated awards are created (or manufactured) by awarding one at one time. Each kind of award is suitable for certain needs and fabricated awards are not different. Fabricated awards are ideal to awards that have exact specifications, use various types of materials, or incorporate objects from the past that are significant or pertinent to the organization commissioning them or require unique coatings or paints applied to their surfaces.

Metal Awards: A Full Range Of Custom Choices 

Fabricated awards are made with a variety of different materials such as wood, metal crystal, glass, and even pre-existing items that are important to the person who is commissioned to create the awards. The majority of our custom-made awards are however made with metal. Simple fabricated metal awards are able to provide very low cost points for both individuals and businesses with tight budgets; and, on the other hand, more intricately designed metal awards can provide amazing visual effects. Metal awards that are fabricated are highly adaptable in the elements of the award which can be tailored to the specific awards you want to present, such as the size, shape and design style, as well as the finishes and color.

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