How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

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In 2021, Instagram will notify users who share an Instagram Story about who has viewed and interacted with it. But occasionally you may like to examine a story here you go without alerting the user.

Perhaps you are undertaking market research and would like to observe the Instagram strategy of a competitive brand but would prefer to keep this information confidential. It doesn’t matter why you want to spy on someone’s Instagram Story; there are two ways to do it secretly.

Method 1: Tap on the following Instagram Story and scroll back.

This solution makes use of the UI that allows you to swipe between the stories of various people.

  1. Find the profile whose post you want to read without anybody else seeing it on your feed, then click the profile that is directly adjacent to the one you just found.
  2. To go to the selected story, tap the story to pause it, then slowly and gently swipe in the desired direction. It will look as though it is on the other side when viewed in a three-dimensional box.

If you swipe all the way across, the user will be able to tell that you’ve seen the content that was presented to you.

Only the first story on a profile’s feed may be accessed using this approach, and videos cannot be viewed. Another problem is that the gesture could be rendered worthless if the user swipes the full screen by accident. Also, you cannot even get to the point where you can screenshot an Instagram story.

Method 2: Utilize a third-party application or website.

This solution needs the use of a distinct website or application. Stories viewed using these programs are not counted in the statistics, so the user will be unaware that you’ve viewed them. Please use these applications provided by a third party at your own discretion and risk.

Desktop: Navigate to and perform a user search. It is possible to view and download all of their most recent tales if their profile is public.

iPhone users should download and sign in to the Story Reposter app. Select the user’s Instagram Stories folder by entering their name in the search window and then clicking on it.

Story Saver may be accessed on Android devices by first downloading the app and then logging in. You can locate the account by using the search icon that is located in the top right corner of the screen. Their stories will be accessible in a feed style.

This method needs a little more effort, but it is more reliable and makes downloading and saving the stories you are seeing much simpler.

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