Histoire de- Sainte Helene, BR, MS 9967, fol

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Histoire de- Sainte Helene, BR, MS 9967, fol

devant le dressoir, pour pareillement effectuer ardoir, si il est mestier’ (ibid., and you can p. 222 for the meaning of ‘mestier’). 291. Look for also Hall 1994, pp. 116-17. 292. Panofsky 1953, p. 203. 293. Meters. Robertson, Letter, BM, vol. LXV, 1934, p. 297, discussing graffiti on earth Church within Padua; V. pp. 41-2. 294. Yernaux 1913, pp. 111-82, p. 130. 295. 177v: J. van den Gheyn, L’Ystoire de Helayne. Brussels 1913, plate 24. 296. J. Stored, ‘Artis Pictoriae Amator’, GBA, 6e each. vol. L, 1957, pp. 53-84, reprinted, having enhancements, in idem, Rubens with his Community, ed. An excellent.W. Lowenthal ainsi que al., Princeton 1982, pp. 35-64. Get a hold of and Roentgen. Spronk, ‘More than simply matches the attention: An overview of Technology Study of Very early Netherlandish Paintings on Fogg Art Museum’, Harvard University Ways Galleries Bulletin, vol. V (step one, Fall) 1996, pp. 8-13. 297. Campbell 1990. p. 53. 298. II, La Chambre de l’ensemble des echevins, Bruges 1879, pp. 87-90, 2seven2-seven, etcetera.; K.Grams. van Acker, Tconografische beschouwingen when you look at the verband satisfied de- 16e eeuwse gegraveerde portretten der graven van Vlaanderen’, OH, vol. LXXXIII, 1968, pp. 95-116. 299. L. Devliegher, De- Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk te Kortrijk (Kunstpatrimonium van WestVlaanderen, vol. VI), Tielt and you can Utrecht 1973, pp. 72-5. 3 hundred. Elizabeth. de Busscher, ‘Recherches sur les anciens peintres gantois’ co to jest lumen, Messager des sciences historiques, 1859, pp. 105-271, p. 145 notice step 1. 301. This new Portrait ofLysbeth van Duvenvoorde (Amsterdam) and the chandelier portrait out-of her partner Symon van Adrichem, now lost, was basically coated during the time of its marriage into the 1430, probably in the Haarlem; the latest Lysbeth is not slightly complete-length however, was definitely intended to be showed featuring its couples, given that a beneficial diptych which had been almost a dual portrait

Pritchard, English Gothic Graffiti, Cambridge 1967

(comprehend the exhibition catalog Middeleeuwse kunst der Noordelijke Nederlanden, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 1958, p. forty and plate step 1). For example of a lot tiny portraits men and women for the domestic options, comprehend the Christine de Pizan presenting their Publication in order to Isabella off Bavaria, King regarding France from the amassed writings from Christine, of about 1410, BL, MS Harl. 4431, fol. step three (recreated of the Meiss, quoted during the mention 97, plate 151). 302. It is perhaps well worth attracting attention to good Bruges small off in the 1470 where several people think of an almost life-size, fulllength double portrait of on their own: this is certainly about Breslau Valerius Maximus (Staatsbibliothek. Berlin, MS Dep. Breslau 2), vol. II, fol. 6v: reproduced by the 0. Smital, Ce Livre d’heures noir du owed Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Vienna 1930, text vol., plate XV, fig. twenty four. 303. Comprehend the texts of your inventories inside the cards 3-5 and you will seven a lot more than. 304. Friedlander, vol. VII, no. 163; Verougstraete-Marcq and you will Van Schoute 1989, pp. 129-30. 305. Buchner 1953, p. 158, fig. 43. 306. Ibid., dish 157. 307. ISADNB, vol. VIII, p. 210. 308. H. Verougstraete and you can Roentgen. Van Schoute, ‘Frames and you will Helps when you look at the Campin’s Time’ during the Foister and you may Nash 1996, pp. 87-93, p. 91. 309. Find, such as for example, J.L. Collier, ‘Perspective regarding Arnolfini Portrait’, Art Bulletin, vol. LXV, 1983, p. 691 (that have a good drawing); J. Elkins, ‘On this new Arnolfini Portrait and also the Lucca Madonna, Art Bulletin, vol. LXXIII, 1991, pp. 53-62. 310. That the isn’t an enthusiastic anachronistic style are turned-out because of the epitaph away from Simon Marmion, who died into the 1489. Marmion had ‘tout painct et tout ymagine’ along with already been capable away from paint ‘toutte rien pingible’: find Le Glay (quoted in the mention 289). 311. Come across mention 109. 312. The latest distortions try chatted about in the greater detail from the Billinge and you may Campbell 1995, pp. 50-9.

An excellent. Vandenpeereboom, Ypriana, vol

274. Panofsky 1934; see and Panofsky 1953, pp. 201-step three. 275. Fris (quoted inside note 262), pp. 42-step 3. 276. F. De- Potter, ed., Dagboek van Cornells dentro de Philip van Campene, Ghent 1870, p. 212 (‘zonder gheleerthede vande Latijnssche sprake’). On the fol. 128v out-of Den Spieghel try an effective woodcut symbolizing the ‘Maid from Ghent’ on the tool FIDES Mais aussi AMOR and its interpretation with the Dutch, TROVE [=troue] Durante LIEFDE. 277. Panofsky 1934, p. 123; Bedaux 1986, pp. 7-8; Hallway 1994, pp. 65, 153. 278. Panofsky 1953, p. 203. 279. Come across along with Hallway 1994, pp. 106-several, for further arguments in order to Panofsky’s theory. 280. P.H. Schabacker, ‘De Matrimonio advertisement Morganaticam Contracto: Jan van Eyck’s “Arnolfini” Portrait Reconsidered’, Artwork

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