Home Essentials for Your New Apartment

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If you find anyone who’s moved around a lot, they will tell you that living in an apartment without the basic essentials, even for a week, is a true nightmare. Humans are creatures of comfort and we don’t want to trade our most useful items for anything in the world. So no matter where you’re moving, to a few streets over, to a neighboring country or somewhere far away like Hong Kong or Jamaica, here are a few things to get for your new apartment before you arrive: 

Quality bed and bedding

You can survive in your new apartment without many things, but a bed is not one of them. As you’re settling down, it’s crucial to have a comfortable place where you can rest after a long day and recharge your batteries. All frequent movers and moving experts recommend you don’t move in before you get a bed with a quality mattress and bedding—the lack of these will ruin the first impression of your new home

Tables and chairs

Sofas, futons and armchairs are all essential elements of a home, but nothing beats a simple table and chairs when it comes to functionality. You’ll need a table to eat at, unpack your things, do your remote work, and cry over your bills. Make sure every person has a chair, but get one or two extra for guests. And you can go really simple and small with your table and chairs, especially if you’re mostly eating in the living room while watching Netflix (guilty!). However, living in your new apartment without a table will be almost insufferable.  

A rug

A place without a rug will never look 100% finished. This is especially true if you’re African or Asian, where rug-making has a thousand-year-old tradition. All homes in North Africa, the Middle East and East Asia have carpets, and if your new home is in Morocco, the Emirates or China, it will look very out of place with bare floors. Luckily, it’s also very easy to find gorgeous rugs in these parts of the world. You can find all sorts of high-quality carpets in Hong Kong, from Tribal to Modern and transitional rugs, from chunky wool rugs to light and thin rugs, and from bright and vibrant to simple and minimalistic rugs. There’s a rug for any home and any room, so make sure to invest in this piece of comfort and warmth for your new apartment ASAP. 

A lamp

Your place probably has some general lighting, which is absolutely necessary for any space, but your ceiling light won’t be enough. As you’ll soon notice, general lighting won’t add anything to your ambiance and will be overpowering when you’re trying to relax after unpacking boxes the entire day. A lamp is a must-have home item that helps you layer your lighting, add some focused illumination to your tasks, and achieve a finished look of the home. Something freestanding might be the best solution for your new apartment. 


Kitchens hold a bunch of elements, storage, and appliances, but one stands out—the fridge. This icebox is the key to your survival during the first few weeks of your life in your new place. You will use it to store your leftovers and keep your snacks fresh and your drinks cool. Stoves, sinks, and dishwashers are also essential but the fridge is the main appliance used by even those apartment owners who never cook. 


It’s possible to live off of takeout and microwave meals, but that’s not a life anyone would want to lead. Even in the first few days of your new apartment stay, you’ll still need a pan for making breakfast eggs or a pot for boiling pasta. For starters, keep it simple and minimalist with a few pots, pans, and some much-needed cutlery. Later, you can build your perfect kitchen and introduce additional items like saucepans, casserole dishes, etc. 

Safety features

And of course, don’t forget safety. Your apartment needs to be equipped with fire and smoke detectors, as well as a smart doorbell. These will provide you the basic protection from hazards and intruders and give you peace of mind in your new place. 

With time, you will fill your apartment with little comforts and beautiful items, but these essentials will always serve you the best. Without them, your new place will never be a home.

Kevin Peter