How Can I Tell If My E-liquid Goes Bad?

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If you are worried about how you know if your vape juice goes wrong, this blog will help you by providing crucial information about the signs and symptoms of inefficient e-liquid with the general life of any vape juice. However, when you notice these indications, it is suggested not to use the old one; you just need to pick a new e-liquid and start vaping again. 

What Is The Shelf Life Of E-liquid?

The e-liquid shelf life labelled on the bottle might be in a different format when you purchase it. However, the lifespan of premium e-juice like Signature E liquid is generally more than two years. However, still, the efficacy of vape liquid depends on your vaping habits, style and the way you store the e-juice. 

Symptoms Of Vape Liquid Inefficacy:

E-liquid contains PG, VG, nicotine, and flavours with appropriate concentrations. These ingredients combine together and make a delectable vaping session after evaporation and transform into vapours. This whole process offers an excellent vaping experience to vapers that satisfies their craving and gives them smooth relief. However, the inconsistency of vape juice might destroy your complete vaping experience; therefore, the followings are some indications of inefficient e-juice, including discolouration, unsatisfactory throat hit, and several others.

Change In Colour:

The discolouration is one of the most visually noticeable indications of inconsistent vape liquid. If your vape liquid has been exposed to the air for a long time, it becomes affected it might be some dust particles that infect your e-juice. Moreover, if the colour of a high-quality e-liquid like Signature E-liquid is much lighter, it indicates that the ingredients of the e-juice have run out; however, the best e-liquid is of the same colour when you purchase it; if not, then it might be a sign of inefficient e-juice.

Unpleasant Throat Hit:

Inconsistent vape liquid might cause an unsatisfactory throat hit; this is because the suitable strengths of ingredients in e-juice, such as nicotine, give vapers a preferable throat hit. Moreover, this e-juice evaporated on a particular wattage by the atomiser, like aspire coil. Therefore the inefficacy of the e-juice leads to vaping an unpleasant taste.

Floating Scraps:

If you observe little particles within a premium vape juice like Signature E-liquid, this is a signal of inefficient e-juice. Generally, the e-liquid is transparent and smooth and has a clear surface without any scraps. Therefore, if you notice particles or dirt, it is suggested to throw it away and buy a new vape juice to start vaping again. 

Change In Flavour

Consuming an inconsistent vape liquid affects the efficacy of the e-juice flavours, which might destroy your whole vaping experience. Specifically, if you are a flavour explorer, the low intense flavour might be a prominent reason for an unsatisfied vaping session. However, many e-juice brands, like Signature E-liquid, offer a wide range of delectable flavours from which you can choose the required one according to your palate.

Wind-up Lines:

To sum up the discussion, it is clearly stated that e-juice is of significant importance as it affects your whole vaping session. For this concern, the above-discussed are some indications of the inefficacy of vape juice, such as changes in colour, flavour intensity, etc.

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