How Can Sellers Improve Their Amazon SEO?

How Can Sellers Improve Their Amazon SEO
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They perform below nine steps that include tips and tricks to help sellers improve their Amazon SEO and result systematically:

Step 1: Write Down Eye-Catching Title For Your Product

The first factor to pay attention to uplift the product’s visibility is your product title. Ensure that you add all the essential information in your product title, keeping the product name first.

Based on guidelines set by Amazon, a good product title must have:

  • Product Name
  • Brand Name
  • Product Size
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Color

Besides, do not overstuff product titles with many keywords. Instead, try keeping it compelling, crisp, and yet optimized.

Step 2: Execute In-depth Amazon Keyword Research For Product Keywords

Research thoroughly and choose the most relevant keywords for the product that you are selling. The most appropriate way to find the relevant keywords is by looking at the chart-topping products in a similar category. Explore them and extract keywords suitable for your products.

Yes, the process is arduous and requires good knowledge. So, to save your efforts and time, partner with an Amazon SEO company that has got extensive experience in the field.

Step 3: Set Competitive Product Price

While setting a ‘price’ for Amazon products, ensure checking prices set by competitors for all the similar category products. Huge price gaps won’t help you win. Instead, always set prices that either beat or match your competition’s price. Even lowering the costs to ludicrous amounts can help you chuck out the small fishes.

Step 4: Ensure Having High-Quality Product Images

“A picture has the potential to hold the shopper’s attention,” and that’s especially true when we talk about holding the attention of potential shoppers at a marketplace like Amazon.

Never underestimate the power of product images. High-quality product images are one of the most crucial sales arguments and undeniably critical sales drivers. Although there is no such fact that product images affect Amazon SEO, they help break the bounce rates.

Step 5: Write Compelling Product Description

A perfectly written product description serves to persuade the shoppers for a purchase. Therefore, it is crucial to write product descriptions that include and highlight the positive product’s aspects. 

Likewise, product title or bullet points, product description too, have a crucial ranking factor and a good relevance for the buying decision.

Thus, product descriptions should be compelling, crisp, and accurate with the right keywords placed. Moreover, ensure writing descriptions in a way that focuses intensely on emotional and positive sales arguments.

Step 6: Add Product Features In Bullet Points

Digital shoppers do not like huge chunks of information in paragraphs, especially for “product description’. Thus use a neat and clear bullet to describe every feature of the product precisely.

Do not fill bullet points uncritically with keywords but emphasize specific product features such as benefits, color, material, size, and weight, and try inserting keywords naturally. It shouldn’t be both reader and search engine friendly.

Step 7: Check Stock Availability Every Now And Then

Check your stock availability timely to ensure that the product never runs “out of stock.” No stock availability can lose you an enormous amount of rankings.

The best tip is to ask your Amazon SEO company to stay in touch with the suppliers consistently. This will prevent future stock deficits.

Step 8: Add Product’s Backend Search Terms

Product backend keywords are the terms usually indexed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm but hidden to shoppers. These terms have an exceptionally positive impact on a product’s search. The crucial backend terms to incorporate are:

  • Search terms that you have missed to fit in your product title or description.
  • A product’s misspellings that customers tend to search on Amazon
  • Translation product titles into other most used languages
  • Additional synonyms for a product name that shoppers might look for.

Step 9: Try Having Maximum Product Reviews And Ratings

Product ratings and reviews are yet another relevant factor for Amazon SEO, assessed and considered for better rankings. In addition, product reviews and rankings ensure immediate improvement in the rankings.

This, further, directly influences the click-through rates and conversions—the better the product ratings and reviews, the better the product’s worth. 

The Bottom Line

Amazon product listing optimization, when done precisely, gets your product’s discoverability close to 80%. But product listing optimization is not the end. Ensure keeping up with the latest guidelines set by Amazon, trends, A9 algorithm updates, and optimization practices to remain in the top results.

With the above tips and tricks, you now know how the Amazon A9 algorithm works and improve your Amazon SEO to gain maximum visibility in the marketplace. But, even after the tips, if you are still confused, do not fret; partner with a reliable Amazon SEO company and, with their extensive experience, increase your sales to something you haven’t imagined. Amazon SEO is not an easy task for this you must hire Amazon virtual assistant.

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