How Can You Maximise Credit Cards Rewards Without Hurting Your Credit

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Credit Card
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Do you know how to earn rewards with a credit card? Learn about the rewards you can get from your credit cards.

Many banks and other financial organisations provide credit cards to their customers. They also offer rewards at every purchase to give extra benefits over other cards. With these rewards, you can plan vacations or use them as savings.

How to maximise these benefits? Read this section to get the answers to these questions!

What Are the Rewards You Get for Using Credit Cards?

The perks you receive for every purchase you make via that line of credit is termed credit card reward. It is an incentive that banks and other credit card issuers offer cardholders.

There are mainly three types of rewards you get on any purchase via your credit card, i.e., air miles, points, and discounts. You can exchange these rewards, i.e., points or miles, for certain gifts and coupons, such as

  • Getting discounts or free hotel stays for a short period.
  • Getting discounts on flights or rental cars, etc.
  • Getting discounts at grocery shopping, supermarkets, or gas stations.
  • Gifting cards from specific dealers.
  • Exchange points for cash.

In contrast with points and miles, cash rewards present a direct capital or monetary value. However, evaluating points or bonus points provides a clearer picture of rewards than cashback offers provide to people.

How to Maximise the Credit Card Rewards?

If you want the maximum benefits from credit card rewards, before submitting the credit card application online, think about which type of card you require and how you will use it.

Some tips that can assist you in getting the maximum out of credit rewards are given below:

1. Know the rules of credit card rewards

Credit card providers have plenty of various reward programs. These rewards depend on the type of credit card you have selected. In addition, the rewards you get have a limited period, such as cashback rewards.

It is your responsibility to understand the rules of your reward program clearly. Learn about the limitations and guidelines before using your selected credit card.

2. What is your expenditure limit?

Select a credit card according to your expenditure limit. For example, suppose your card provides you with a bonus on spending ₹10,000. However, at the same time, your expenditure limit is ₹5,000. In that case, applying for such a credit card makes no sense.

So, to maximise your credit card rewards, you must choose the card that optimises your ability to use the rewards. For instance, if you plan to spend a good amount on your tours every year, you must select a credit card that provides high-value travel rewards and maximises your credit card rewards.

3. Pay your bills on time

Your late payments may not affect your bonus points. However, not all cards agree to it. So check all these details before applying for the card, as it might reduce your bonus points.

Late payments may impact your rewards and credit scores. It will be a disadvantage if you lose your bonus points. So, pay all your bills on time. Your credit card company may also increase the interest rate in case of late payments.

4. Avoid applying for multiple credit cards

The more credit cards you apply for, the more difficult it will be to manage them. You must pay credit card bills online and track your monthly expenses. It is better to organise these straightforwardly.

You must ensure to pay all your credit bills in full every month. Also, maintain a record of your bills and budget while using a credit card. These will help you get more rewards and keep your credit score up.

5. Do not use credit cards blindly

Applying for more credit cards is not a problem. However, managing them is a challenging task. You must only apply for a few credit cards in a very short period. It increases the chances of making more mistakes. Also, it shows banks and other financial organisations that you are an amateur. As a result, your application for a new credit card gets rejected.

The best way is to take a gap of three to four months before seeking a new credit card. Furthermore, apply for only that card that fulfils your requirement. Finally, only apply with reason or need.

In a Nutshell

You can maximise your credit card rewards by many methods. The best way is to select the card as per your use. Make sure to select a type of credit card that suits your lifestyle, and the rewards it provides work within your spending ways. However, please refrain from spending money to get rewards. It will fall you into debt.

To maximise your credit rewards, you should only apply for one credit card and pay credit card bills online every month to avoid a decrease in your credit score.

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