How do I add subtitles to my Fire Stick?

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Subtitles can be helpful but distracting if they aren’t needed. This article will show you how to disable closed captioning, turn it on again, and remove the white box from your Amazon Fire TV.

How do I get rid of subtitles on my Fire Stick?

These steps will help you turn off subtitles firestick left on by someone else.

  • Navigate to the top banner from the home screen and navigate to Settings > Titles .
  • If subtitles are on, ensure they’re disabled in the Accessibility menu. You can toggle them off by visiting Settings > Accessibility > Closed Captions.

Navigating menus can be done with the Amazon Fire TV app and the Fire TV remote.


Many apps offer closed captioning options that work independently of the Fire Stick’s main settings. You can often find the option to disable subtitles in a video that you are watching.

  1. Click the Down icon. Closed captioning could be found at the bottom or in a hidden menu.
  2. Stop the clip. To toggle closed captioning off, look for the letters “CC”.
  3. The Options button has three horizontal lines. This opens a menu that includes Subtitles.

How do I add subtitles to my Fire Stick?

You can either use the app-specific instructions above to turn on subtitles or you can do it in the Fire Stick settings.

  • Go to Settings > Titles > on.
  • These can be accessed by visiting Settings > Accessibility > On.

How do I get rid of the white box on my firestick?

After a software upgrade, a large white box might appear at the bottom of your screen. This is the Text Banner. This Accessibility feature displays information about what you select on the screen in high-contrast boxes for better visibility.

  • To toggle the box on or off, press the Pause/Play buttons.
  • To disable the Text Banner, visit Settings Text Banner Text Banner Toggle.

You can adjust the banner’s size, font size and color to continue using the Text Banner.


  • How can I disable subtitles from Paramount+ on a FirestickSelect Settings > CC Closed Captions> Display > Off in the Paramount+ app (formerly CBS All Access). You can also choose a CBS show. While streaming is active, press the menubutton to select the blue CC button.
  • How can you disable subtitles in the Apple TV app for Firestick?To view the Subtitles pane during playback, use the Firestick remote’s down button to select Off. Alternativly, you can go to Settings > Accessibility> Subtitles and captioning > Closed Captions & SDH and choose Off.
  • How can you turn off?
  • subtitles on Hulu on Firestick?Hulu allows you to disable subtitles on a specific profile. To turn them off, use the up button to select SettingsSubtitles
  • How can you disable subtitles on Netflix Firestick?Netflix offers subtitles for many movies and shows. Turn them off by selecting a TV show/movie, then press the up/down arrow on your remote. Select Dialog to turn off subtitles.

You can get help with firestick customer service also.