How Do I Know If My Disposable Vape Is Charging?

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You can’t do anything with your vape pen if its battery is not charged. But there is some good news: A disposable vape pen that appears to be not charging properly is repairable because there is nothing wrong with the device or battery. A non-charging vape pen is sometimes due for replacement. This step-by-step guide explains everything you need about a non-charging vape pen.

Notice Your Vape Pen’s Indicator Light:

The first step in troubleshooting a non-charging vape pen is determining what the device’s indicator light is attempting to tell you. The indicator light can function in various ways when charging a disposable vape pen.

  • Some LEDs are red during charging and become green or white after completion.
  • Some LEDs illuminate during charging and switch off when the charge is complete.
  • Some lights pulse during charging and turn solid after the charge is finished.
  • If you’ve just converted to a new vape pen, your new device’s indicator light may function as well as your previous device’s when charging.

Why Isn’t My Vape Pen Lighting Up When Charging?

When charging a vape pen, checking if the light is on and the battery is in the proper position is essential; if not, it may be time to replace it or upgrade to a built-in battery. Disrupt and test the vape pen from the charging wire to do this. Most vape pens can be turned on and off by pushing the fire button five times fast. Use elf bar 600 and ivg crystal bar are new products in UK market it has very good review from users

The Vape Pen Is Not Charging, Although The Light Is Green:

Charging a disposable vape pen properly is essential to avoid battery problems. Unless the manufacturer offers a wall or device charger approved explicitly for use with that device, you should always charge a vaping device with a USB port by connecting it to your laptop, TV port, or games console. USB adapters for cars and wall outlets often use higher-than-normal charging currents to top up a battery’s charge as quickly as possible. If you have a removable battery, you can also take the battery out and charge it in a high-quality external charger that supports the type of battery you’re using.

Charge Your Device Properly While Vaping:

This depends on the vape device, but in general, keeping your external battery charger plugged in when vaping is not recommended. This is likely to be hazardous, producing problems with the equipment or causing injury to the user.

Continuing vaping with the vape pen plugged in may be tempting, but you won’t get very far with it on charge. The effort required to vape it is significant, so you may leave it to charge and use one of your other devices if one is available.

Know How To Charge A Vape Properly:

Some disposable vape pens now feature USB charging connectors and do not require special charging cords. Some gadgets use proprietary chargers, which may feature indication lights. The red light on the charger indicates that it is attempting to charge the battery, while the green light on the vape pen signifies that the battery is ultimately charged. Check that the charging wire is connected to your computer, not a third-party wall adapter and that the vape pen and charger threading are clean. If the battery is still not charging, it is probable that it has worn out and has to be replaced.

When You First Charge Your Vape Pen:

If you were used to using a non-rechargeable disposable device, you would not have previously been required to charge your vape equipment. However, it’s crucial to understand how long charging might take for rechargeable vape pens that are meant to be refilled and utilised often.

Should You Turn Off Your Vape While Charging?

If you keep your vape pen turned on, the power from the battery in the vape device will be lost. When charging, it’s essential to preserve as much battery power as possible by turning it off.

What Is The Time It Takes To Charge Disposable Vape Pen?

It might take 30 minutes for some and up to four hours for others. Reading the user handbook or the recommended charging time on the brand’s website is worthwhile. More information on recharging a disposable vape may be found in this article.


The most crucial point to remember from this article is that if your disposable vape kit is still not charging, it’s time to replace it. This is due to two indicators: the battery does not last as long as it did when the device was new, and it appears to finish charging nearly instantly when attached to the charger but dies immediately when you try to vape.

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