How Do I Sponsor A Foreign Worker In The UK?

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If you’re considering sponsoring a foreign worker for employment in the UK, you may have questions about the process and what to do. This blog post will take you through the key steps you need to know when sponsoring a foreign worker. We will explain the process, the requirements, and potential issues you may encounter.

The points-based system

The UK has a points-based system for sponsoring a foreign worker on a skilled worker visa UK. Under this system, you must meet certain criteria to qualify to sponsor a foreign worker. Generally speaking, you will need to demonstrate that:

  • You can provide accommodation, training, and support for the foreign worker
  • You have a valid UK visa sponsorship license
  • The foreign worker has sufficient English language proficiency
  • You can provide a job offer that meets the UK’s minimum wage requirements
  • The foreign worker has qualifications and experience relevant to the job

You can find more information about the UKVI’s points-based system and how to apply to become a sponsor on their website.

The sponsorship application process

The process begins with you completing the online Sponsorship Management System (SMS) form. This form is used to register your organization as a sponsor and assign a unique Sponsor Licence number. After submitting the form, you will receive confirmation from the UK visa and immigration in Lahore (UKVI) within two weeks of your application being submitted.

Once you have received your Sponsor Licence number, you can apply for permission to employ a foreign worker. The UKVI will assess the worker’s skills and qualifications against the UK’s Immigration Rules and decide whether to grant permission to sponsor a skilled worker visa UK.

Provide Documentary Proof

To support your application, you must provide documentary evidence of the following:

  • The worker’s qualifications and professional experience
  • The job role they will be undertaking
  • Your organization’s financial ability to support the worker

You should also supply proof of identities, such as their passport or travel document, and proof of their address in the UK. Depending on the nature of the job role and any relevant qualifications or experience, additional requirements or documentation may exist. You should check the UKVI website for any updates.

Once all documentation has been supplied, UKVI will review your application and inform you of its decision. It is important to note that this process can take several weeks or even months to complete.

The documents you need

When it comes to sponsoring a foreign worker in the UK, there are certain documents that you need to provide. These include:

  • A Sponsorship License: You must apply for a Sponsorship License from the Home Office and receive approval before you can sponsor a foreign worker.
  • Proof of Right to Work in the UK: Your foreign worker must have permission to work in the UK, so you must provide proof of their right to work. This can be done through a visa or a valid passport.
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship: You must also provide a Certificate of Sponsorship to the foreign worker, confirming that you have approved them to work in the UK.
  • Immigration Status Documents: You may also need to provide immigration status documents such as an entry clearance visa, residence permit, or leave to remain visa.

You must provide all of the necessary documents before submitting your application. Please do so to avoid delays or even refusal of your application.