How Does Land Surveying Work? Why Are Survey Companies Important?

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Land surveying is an extensive process. It has a highly complicated process, that comes into being when the data is collected from various sources and analyzed.

On the basis of this data, all the final reports are made and decisions are taken.

So, with such a large amount of calculations and mathematics involved, it becomes imperative to know the right utility of land surveys and their impact.

How Does Land Surveying Work?
Land surveying works in several steps. A project has to go through these stages one by one to successfully implement its land surveying activities.

1. Obtaining information: Before any piece of data is actually available for a piece of land, the first challenge becomes to acquire some information about the property in question. Starting a new project requires a base plan.

Acquiring documents like a deed for an existing property that has the existing boundary lines of the property, any existing agreements, and other documents that can pose a threat to future developments of the land.

2. Preparing a base boundary plan: Once plenty of information is available, a base survey plan can be started. This will involve preparing a survey plan that shows a lot of information contained in these documents and is prepared using a CAD (computer-aided software)

3. Conduct a field survey: In this step, the surveyors visit the actual property using specialized survey equipment to collect the data to develop the rest of the plan.

This data will be very useful in identifying the placement of any property markers such as fountains, pools, etc.

4. Coordinating collected data with the base plan: The plan here is to use the data obtained by conducting the on-field survey and then use it to plan, as per the base plan prepared

Conclusion: The Right Survey Companies in Calgary
While the land survey process might remain the same for most of the survey companies in Calgary, it’s the execution of those services that makes a difference between ideating and execution.

Best companies take pride in their land surveying capabilities and provide their clients with the best land surveying results. The surveying result should be accurate to avoid any discrepancies in the future by any chance.

One of the best survey companies in Calgary has happened to be Core Geomatics. It has been in this space since 2009 and has worked seamlessly well to work on several large-scale and small-scale projects. Their team and years of experience come together to provide unmatched out-of-the-box thinking to the final report.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to understand land surveying and how it can be beneficial.

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