How Effective are Bollards in Providing Safety and Security?

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Bollards have been in use on our roads and other locations for a very long time now. They were initially used to provide safety to pedestrians from vehicular traffic. However, they are now been used for controlling and management of vehicular traffic as well. They have become a crucial element in providing safety and security as well as in managing and controlling vehicular traffic. Their effectiveness in providing security cannot be underestimated.

What are Security Bollards?

If we talk in terms of definition, bollards are simply short, vertical post that is used as a barrier at different locations where you want to restrict the entry of traffic. However, with advancements in technology and in the bollard industry, bollards have evolved. They are now been used for many different purposes and at varied locations. They are not only used to create barriers but also used for decoration, security, guiding maintenance, and control purposes.

Bollards are now available in many different types according to the varying requirements at different locations. For example, concrete bollards are used to provide safety and security and they are also used to restrict vehicles from entering a particular place, etc. similarly, wooden bollards are used for decorative purposes in parks to match the surrounding scenery and landscape.

Bollards are now no longer sturdy posts, they have been customized to look aesthetically appealing in order to fit into different landscapes and structures.

Effectiveness of Bollards

There is no doubt in the effectiveness and efficacy of bollards for providing safety and security. We have gathered a list of points to emphasize the importance of bollards and their effectiveness for a better understanding.

1.     Secure Walkways

There have always been incidents regarding vehicles bumping into pedestrians. The use of bollards however has reduced this ratio to a minimal level. Bollards cause hindrance and obstruction for vehicles so that they do not accidentally enter the roadside walkway area. For this purpose, heavy-duty concrete bollards are used. These bollards have high resistance against collision by any type of vehicle. They are heavy in weight and they are used as fixed bollards.

Fixed bollards are the ones that are used at places where no frequent changes are required because they are heavy and need to be fixed in the ground. With the bollards present on walkways parking lots etc pedestrians feel safer and they walk freely without the fear of being hit by a car or any other vehicle.

2.     Differentiating Lanes on the Road

Bollards are also effectively used on the roads to separate lanes from each other. Many times this happens when different vehicles accidentally got into each other’s lanes. This causes mishaps and accidental hazards. Bollards are installed with specific patterns in order to restrict vehicles to stay in their particular lanes. In this way, bicycles and motorcycles can be easily provided safety against motor cars and other heavy traffic. Similarly, sometimes motorbikes and cycles come into car’s lane. This not only causes accidents but can also cause disturbance of traffic. That is why bollard installation to separate lanes from each other is very effective for the safety and security of different types of traffic on the road.

3.      Providing Guidance for Drivers

When you are on the road in your vehicle, you have to be very careful in order to avoid accidents and mishaps. However, sometimes drivers become careless or due to some other reason they got into an accident. To avoid such situations, bollards are installed at different locations on roads for the guidance of drivers.

Roads are not a simple thing that everyone can easily understand and handle. Roads have got curves, blind spots, drop-offs, blind hills, sharp turns, etc. bollards are placed at such points to aware the driver about such locations so that he becomes more cautious while driving. These high-risk areas are more prone to an accident which is why bollards are installed here to prevent accidents.

4.     Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Government buildings and sensitive areas like military sites, airports, etc are more prone to terrorist attacks. They barge into the building with their vehicles and do terrorist acts like firing, etc. To avoid such accidents; bollards are installed outside such buildings in order to protect these buildings from such terrorist attempts. Heavy-duty concrete bollards are used for such purposes. They restrict vehicles completely from entering any such area and provide safety for such high-security areas.

5.     Parking Assistance

Parking lots also face lots of accidents. Bollards are placed in parking lots and parking spaces to provide proper parking guidance to vehicles in order to prevent accidents. Bollards are also used in parking spaces to allow the entry of vehicles when you want and to restrict them when needed. Retractable bollards are a type of bollard that is mostly used at the entrance and exit points of parking lots. They are remote or manually-controlled bollards. They retract out of the ground to restrict vehicle entry and retract back when you want to allow vehicle entry.

6.     Safety for Street Level Seating of Cafes/ Restaurants

Some restaurants, cafes, and bars have street-level seating arrangements. They are at much risk of a car or some vehicle crashing into them. Such places can be protected by installing security bollards. Bollards provide security very efficiently by restricting and warning vehicles to slow down their speed at such locations.

Final Comments

Bollards have different shapes, sizes, materials, etc. They can be effectively used to provide safety and security for any area or location if they are installed properly and in a specific pattern. They are not only effective in controlling and managing traffic but also in providing safety and security for people and vehicles.

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