How guest blog service helped us get massive organic traffic to niche content

Guest blog service
Guest blog service
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Every so often, you read the obituaries of guest posting. You should stop guest posting. From firsthand experience, guest blog Service is without doubt the best strategy for increasing organic traffic. This is especially true if your content has limited appeal.

The strategy’s premise is:

  • Your blog should contain highly targeted content
  • Establish relationships with blogs that are not closely related
  • For those blogs, write appealing content
  • To rank your content highly in Google, you can link back to it.

It’s hard work, I won’t lie.

You might not expect a lot of communication happening in the background. You will see work being sent back for editing, rejections, or re-writes. It’s worth it.

There is no better way to consistently generate quality backlinks or referral traffic than this. In this post, I will explain the system that I use and the one you can also use.

Table of Contents

Writing high-value niche content

There is an audience for any product or service you sell. They are looking for content that will help them solve a problem. They may not know your product or service is right for them, but they will hear about it through your content.

Writing is the first step in getting it noticed. What do you write about? You might write content about rare DVDs or video tapes for an eCommerce store.

You don’t have to be a member or a potential customer of the niche you are targeting. Instead, you can use reddit to search for your target audience and find out what they are talking about. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer will then generate keyword suggestions.

You can find a lot of misinformation about this. But you need to identify the market and then use a keyword research process such as this . This will generate a list with related keywords that you can target.

It is much easier to write content when you have a list of keywords. You can then add some flair to the title by using the keyword as the main text.

Google your target keyword to see the competition. You’ll be able to attract targeted traffic to your site if the first page contains PDF files and low-value content. If they aren’t, you have more promotion work.

To make your content more effective, follow this guide from Kissmetrics. Make sure to link the content to your product or services. If your content is ranking well and getting traffic organically, you can always make a better call to action.

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Establishing relationships with other blogs

Like real-life relationships, there are many ‘touch points’ that you need before you get a response. A meeting in person, a conversation on Twitter, a quick comment, or personalized email outreach are all good options. You will need more communication points (instances) to get noticed.

It is important to demonstrate that you are providing value upfront. I send a list with titles and the places where I have been published (e.g TechCrunch) to start. If the journalist is extremely busy, I will need to start by connecting on Twitter and sending a few follow up emails.

Realizing that everyone is just like you is the hardest part. We’re not so different. All of us want to do our best, make our company successful and be a valuable resource for our customers. It all becomes a lot easier when you realize this.

Although it may not seem like the best way to build relationships, it’s a good idea to make a list of people that you wish to get to know. Then, contact them regularly. CRM allows you to tag, sort and alert your contacts when it’s time for follow-up.

It’s a good idea to start by looking at the people you know. Most likely, you have a list or publications that you regularly read. To find URLs to popular and interesting content on blogs, you can search for a keyword in BuzzSumo that is broad enough to help you narrow down your options.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you build rapport with editors.

  • Three blog posts were commented on
  • Two tweet articles were replied to
  • Tweeted twice
  • Send one email

Writing and pitching broad appeal content

Effective guest posting comes down to being able write in a way that is both informative and pleasing to the blog. It’ll be more challenging to write niche-specific content. However, it is a skill that can be learned and will help you create less spammy content once you have it.

Consider it this way: If your niche content were interesting enough, you wouldn’t need to guest-post so hard to get backlinks. Shareable content is a great way to get backlinks and it can take off by itself.

You can find examples of appealing content at Alltop, Inc’s homepage, and highly rated content on What does this have to do with your shower cleaning service? It was not my opinion!

Making the pitch

Before you begin writing, it’s a good idea to create a list that is in sync with the guest blog posting service. You won’t waste your time if they have a favorite title from the list. You can always write something if you are having trouble getting a response.

Emails should be structured in a logical way

  • Greeting
  • Pleasantry
  • How did you get their contact details, call back and the reason for your email
  • Topic (reason to email)
  • Situation
  • Benefits
  • Call to Action/The ‘ask
  • Closing line
  • Signature

This is what it could look like in real life:

Hi, Dave!

We hope you are doing well and that the weather is a bit better.

Your email address was found while I was searching for someone to contact about guest contributions on MadeUpMarketingBlog.

I wanted to get your feedback on some titles that I would like to submit. My content has been shared thousands of times on sites such as Forbes and Fast Company, so I believe that your audience would benefit greatly from it.


Let me know your thoughts and let me know if I can draft something for you.



After you have received replies, it is time to go through the editorial process. This involves writing and editing content.

Promoting the posts by including non-spammy hyperlinks

Guest writers can be a great asset to other blogs. They can also leverage their promotion networks. Because all writers want to promote their work, this is why it’s so important! The promotion of posts linking back to our site is the same as for posts on our own website. This includes sharing on social media and posting to social bookmarking sites.

Our guest posts aren’t blatant sales pitches for our products. There are a few links back to past content or content that mentions us on the internet. Site owners shouldn’t be ashamed to include outbound links within their articles.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the post on the other person’s blog and promote it immediately. Leave a comment thanking the blog for accepting the submission. Also, be generous with linking back to the post in order to increase the domain authority of the blog. This is both a way to say thanks and also to benefit you.

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