How Long Does Aluminium Roofing Last?

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Many homeowners are interested in metal roofing and are often interested in knowing if a metal roof will last. 

Aluminum roofing (Lifespan: 50 years average)

Aluminum roofing is the lightest metal roofing. Aluminum is a better option than steel if you live near the coast. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, while steel is more susceptible. You need to use elastomeric coatings to waterproof aluminum roofing.

This metal roof also has the added benefit of being energy-efficient. It will lower your electricity costs and keep your home cool in warmer months. Aluminum metal roofs reflect heat and light from the sun. Because of its weight, installing an aluminum roof should not take too much time.

Some factors on which the lifespan of a roof depends are-

1. Roof Color

It may surprise you to learn that the color of your roof can affect its durability. A darker roof absorbs more heat. A lighter roof will reflect heat and decrease indoor temperatures. Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings can keep dark metal roofs cooler.

2. Sun Exposure

Nature is the best way to find out how long a metal roof will last. The environment is a major factor in reducing roofing service life. The roof material is affected by UV radiation over time. This is the area of the roof most exposed to sunlight, which causes the roof material to deteriorate faster.

3. Roof pitch

Pitch is the pitch of a roofing system. Pitch can affect the roof’s lifespan. A steep slope drains water quickly, while a lower slope drains it slower. Because it absorbs and weakens roof materials, ponding water can accelerate wear and tear.

4. Growing Moss

Moss speeds up roof deterioration. Though not common on metal roofs, organic matter on your roofing surface promotes moss growth.

5. Installation

It doesn’t matter how durable your metal roof may be, if it is poorly installed it will not last. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed by your roofing contractor. A certified contractor should be used. You should also ensure that your contractor is licensed, and offers labor and material warranties.

6. Maintenance

Roofs require care. Because metal roofs are low-maintenance, they can be a great option for busy homeowners. However, they aren’t maintenance-free so you still need to inspect them. Regular inspections by licensed roofers ensure that the roof is repaired before any problems become more serious.


The roofing made of aluminum will never deteriorate or degrade. Metal roofs are unaffected by rust for a long time lasting for even multiple years. Aluminum roofing can keep their appeal for a long time regardless of the weather conditions of the area. Aluminum roofing is cost-effective. Aluminum roofing is more durable than other kinds of roofing and won’t be damaged as frequently.

Chetan Kapoor