How Much Pakistanis Live In USA?

How Much Pakistanis Live In USA?
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Americans with Pakistani ancestry are known as Pakistani Americans. The phrase may also be used to describe people who are dual citizens of the United States and Pakistan. In comparison to the rest of the US population, the Pakistani-American diaspora has much higher levels of household income and educational achievement. Approximately 524,202 self-identified Pakistani Americans lived in the United States in 2019, making up about 2.50 percent of all Asian Americans and roughly 8% of all South Asian Americans.

Population size

The second fastest growing and seventh largest group in the USA is now composed of Pakistani-Americans. According to a survey released by the Pew Research Center, the number of Pakistanis living in the United States more than doubled between 2000 and 2010 due to the naturalization of 57% of Pakistanis born abroad between 2007 and 2009. According to the report, there are 120,000 Pakistanis who are legally residing in the US, and an additional 50,000 are qualified to become citizens. The survey states that 65% of Pakistani Americans are immigrants. However, just 16% of Pakistanis who were allowed to enter the nation on the basis of employer sponsorship in 2010; instead, those who were able to obtain the legal permanent residence status were sponsored by members of their immediate families. People residing in USA used to send gifts to take to pakistan from usa.

Self Identity

A sample of 299 Pakistanis living in the United States who participated in a study on the ethnic identity of South Asian Americans based on the 1990 U.S. Census revealed that 6.7% of them identified as white, 0.3% as black, and the vast rest as Asian. [8] A number of transnational ethnic groups, particularly those with roots in neighboring nations, can be categorized as white and are found in Pakistan. Pashtuns and Baloch are two such groups that are native to Iran and Afghanistan, respectively.


According to a research by the American Pakistan Foundation, 72% of households with Pakistani Americans utilize English at home. Due to Pakistan’s history as a British colony, many immigrants to the United States arrived with a strong command of the English language. Pakistan’s official languages are Urdu and English. However, approximately 70 more languages, including Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Saraiki, and Balochi, are spoken in particular geographical areas. Many Pakistani-Americans are still fluent in several languages, and they are able to pass this talent on to future generations.

Flavors and colors of Pakistan

In Pakistani-American communities, traditional clothing, culture, and cuisine are also prevalent. Along with other diverse cuisines, the delicious flavors of Pakistan may be found on many crowded sidewalks. Multigenerational households are home to 35% of Pakistani Americans. Living with several generations is quite typical in South Asia and other Asian countries. The extended-family tradition is robust and spectacular in the Pakistani population around the world. Grandparents and their grandkids frequently reside together in harmony.

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