How New Drugs Are Discovered?

discovery of drugs
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You probably know how a new medicine is discovered, but how do they discover the active substance of the medicine? Is it through accident similar to how Penicillin and the other β-lactam antibiotics were discovered? Or is it the other way around – how do they figure out an API? You’ll find out in this guide. And we’ll tell you what the journey of a new API looks like.

The use of medicaments and drugs is always a part of human life. Because they can treat common diseases, they have helped mankind lead an easier and better life. In the olden days, active ingredients for medicine were usually extracted from plants or animals. For example, a well-known drug for treating Malaria was first isolated from the Cinchona tree’s bark, typically found in Peru.

For centuries, people have been sculpting drugs to our needs. But today, science has developed to a point where almost everything we need can be created using recombinant DNA technology. Modern pharmaceuticals are often just as effective, and perfectly safe.

Drug discovery

In ancient times, when a new potent drug was discovered, it wasn’t known how it would interact with the body and what its purpose would be as medication. Historically, when a new drug was discovered it wasn’t known how it would interact with the body and what its purpose would be as medication. This was only found out after discovering the drug.

In the years since the discovery of drugs, it has become more common to pursue drug discovery using a target-based method rather than an empirical one. A specific target in the body is chosen, and then it is screened which group of molecules works best for that part of the body, which is then further narrowed down to one or two specific compounds.


Synthesising drugs was the result of scientific discovery, and the practical use of chemical synthesis. The process involved switching two or more materials together in a laboratory so that they could react with each other to form a new compound.

When you mix cement powder with water and a few other ingredients, a chemical process takes place, and it turns into concrete. As you’d expect, there are many different chemical reactions that happen in the production process of an API.

Drug discovery is an important and complex process. In the lab, with new substances that are stable and look promising, scientists perform further research and development. To know exactly how and if a new API works as a medicine, pharmacological research is performed.

Drug discovery and research in the field of medicine are very complex and require a lot of resources. This can be done on animals, but thanks to progress in technology and our scientific knowledge, a large portion of this testing can also be done on cell cultures in Petri dishes. To get the complete picture of how the new medicine works on an entire organism, however, animal research is still necessary and sometimes even mandatory.

In the past, there were many causes of death that cannot be cured. This included a large number of infectious diseases and even cancer. With the growth of biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies now have the ability to discover new drugs that can help as an alternative to vaccines and antibiotics interferon gamma is the discovery and development of drugs. We go all-in on the science, bringing together a world-class team of experts in fields from chemistry, pharmacy and biology to stay on the cutting edge

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