How To Choose the Right Packing Tape?

Right Packing Tape
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When purchasing packing tape, it could appear to be a minor choice. However, the safety and security of your contents are essential to choosing the correct kind of tape. The wrong packaging tape or improper application could lead to product loss, theft, or damage. Examining the many types and qualities of tape available is crucial before choosing the best for your boxes. 

Packing tape is necessary for every business for storing materials as it enables the bundling, wrapping, and sealing of goods to stop them from breaking apart while being handled, transported, and stored.

The packaging sector has a variety of products, including those that are safe for the environment. Choosing the best solution for your company might be complicated with so many possibilities available. This article will go through the various strengths, thicknesses, compositions, costs, and other characteristics of packing tape. 

What Exactly Is Packing Tape?

Industrial-grade packaging tape is used to close and seal boxes for shipping. As you consider the enormous diversity of sizes, weights, and box shapes available, you rapidly understand how many distinct tasks packaging tape must complete.

Packing tape is necessary for every sector, including those manufacturing foods and medicines. To use the packing tape, you need to apply simple pressure on the packing tape, which will then close the box tightly. The adhesive quality of the packing tape is what makes it worthwhile. 

The following uses for packaging tape are common to all eCommerce sectors:

  • Sealing of containers and boxes
  • Protecting the product or merchandise
  • Maintain the overall appearance of a package

It affects how you apply the tape in addition to the tape itself. For instance, the packaging box won’t be held tightly if you don’t use the box packing tape. The product within the packaging will be damaged and lost as a result. Therefore, choosing the right kind of packaging tape is crucial.

What Type of Packing Tape Would Be Right for Business?

There are various types of packing tape available in the market. All of them differ from each other based on their characteristics and how they work. Choosing the correct type of packing tape takes work. Several factors need to be considered, including the dimension and weight of the package. Apart from this, the property of the box also matters, including the stability, strength, security requirements, and shipping methods. 

How do you choose the best packaging tape for your business? Many people make decisions like this out of impulse rather than thought. Often, the most sensible choice is convenient, economical, or both.

However, choosing your carton sealing tape deserves your attention, given the effect that excellent packaging and shipping have on a business. Making the incorrect decision can result in the following outcomes:

  • Decreased productivity of the packers
  • Product harm
  • Product “carton push and grab” theft, material waste
  • A rise in labor costs
  • Product tampering
  • Missed chances for branding
  • A damaged reputation, and a decline in business

On the other hand, picking the proper packaging tape has many advantages. So how do you decide which option is best for your company?

Insights from prominent businesses worldwide and a real-world experience that can be utilized as the basis for choosing a packing tape are provided in the following sections. It guides companies in determining whether their shipping operations are optimal or if a change in strategy will allow them to take advantage of their investment in packing and shipping.

Industries Using Packing Tapes

The demand for packaging tape has increased with the number and variety of products being shipped and ordered. A few of the industries which utilize packing tape are: 

  • Beverages
  • Grains
  • Spices
  • Poultry
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Toys
  • Fulfillment and Shipping
  • Vegetables and Fruits

However, the choice of box packing tape depends upon various factors, including extreme shock and temperature; all these factors can interfere with the construction and material of the packing.

Is Packaging Tape Recyclable?

This is the most frequent query that crosses everyone’s thoughts. Yes, certain packing tapes can be recycled, including brown paper tape. Additionally, the packaging and packing tape boxes can also be recycled. Although it is usual to separate the packing tape for disposal, especially when using plastic tape, the packaging tape can also be recycled independently.

It’s a Wrap

To convey and store the goods produced in the sectors, many businesses need or mandate the use of box packing tape. However, they must be aware that there are various types of packing tape and that each one has a unique function. As a result, we have offered you a remedy for this problem that we have discovered: Eco-friendly Packing Tapes!

Take a Ride on the Green Side With Packmile!

We frequently hold the tape responsible for any product issues. However, what often causes it to fail is a combination of the boxes used, how they were applied, how they were transported, and the tape they were using.

Make sure you know what kind of tape you will need based on the weight and surface of the box, the environment in which it will be delivered and stored, and the usage of the proper application method the next time you go shopping for packing tape.

Packmile eco-friendly packing tapes are the best for your business because they protect your contents when delivering goods to consumers or moving to a new location. Get in touch with our professionals to learn more about our products and services.

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