How To Choose The Right Webinar Platform for Your Company

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There are numerous webinar platform options available. Even free, some of them.

But don’t just go with the quickest or cheapest route. Take some time to determine which platform is most suitable for your company’s particular requirements.

Consider the following questions for yourself.

What do your webinars aim to accomplish?

I have to say something here. I use Kinsta for my personal website, and it is amazing. Their servers are the fastest for WordPress, and their support is excellent and quick.

A picture of Phillip Stemann, who is wearing a blue button-down shirt and is looking into the camera. Phillip Stemann View plans Will you use them to generate leads or nurture leads? Leadership in thought or product demonstration?

Find a webinar platform with tools to help you reach your objectives.

How many people are expected to attend each webinar?

The number of live attendees you can have at each pricing level is often limited by webinar platforms. For a 30-person audience, the most cost-effective platform might not be the same as for a 3,000-person audience.

How do you intend to interact with attendees?

Do you simply intend to speak while your potential clients listen? Or do you intend to interact with them, perhaps by holding a poll during the webinar?

Check out the features that each platform offers for engagement if you want to interact with your audience.

After the webinar, what will you do with the videos?

If you are a business-to-business (B2B) company, videos of previous webinars make great on-demand content for your website. B2B buyers are most likely to sign up for webinars with their email addresses for any type of content.

Formats for content that appeal to business-to-business buyers Demand Gen Report) A platform that makes it simple to lock webinars behind a form is essential if you intend to use your videos from webinars in this manner.

When done right, webinars are a great way to turn leads into paying customers. CLICK TO TWEET KINSTA EBOOKS The Agency Owner’s Guide to Managing 60+ WordPress Sites Learn scalable site management strategies designed for agencies like yours that do not sacrifice performance or security. These webinar platforms will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

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The Agency Owner’s Guide to Managing 60+ WordPress Sites The Best Webinar Platforms in 2023 As we look at the 23 options in this article, keep the aforementioned considerations in mind.

Livestorm webinar platform Livestorm benefits:

There is a free plan, but it only lets you have ten people register. You can run live, on-demand, or fully automated webinars. You can engage attendees with features like polling, Q&A sessions, and upvoting. Branded registration pages can be generated for each webinar. You can send automatic email reminders to people who have registered. It integrates with common tools like HubSpot and Salesforce.

Video quality can be affected by the host’s internet connection, just like with browser software. The cheapest paid plan starts at $99 per month. Pricing Limited plan with up to ten participants: free business plan for up to 100 live attendees (or more with add-ons): Enterprise plan with 3,000 live attendees for $99 per month: individual pricing WebinarJam WebinarJam is a user-friendly webinar platform that excels at product sales. Pop-up CTAs that appear during the webinar and make it simple for attendees to purchase a product are a useful WebinarJam feature.


webinar with multiple presenters WebinarJam Pros: 14-day free trial; Enterprise plan: up to six presenters and 5,000 live attendees; “Replica Replays”: allows you to replay your webinar exactly; for instance, attendee comments will appear at the same time on the replay as they did on the original; user-friendly and quick to set up CTA pop-ups; Cons: To offer your WebinarJam webinars on-demand, you must purchase Ever Plan for professionals at $499 per year with 2,000 attendees: Enterprise plan for 5,000 attendees for $699 per year: $999/year

For live webinars, EverWebinar WebinarJam was made. EverWebinar is a sister product that lets you use your webinar videos to promote your business.

The homepage for EverWebinar is EverWebinar. Convert WebinarJam videos From the same platform, you can also create live and on-demand webinars with some other solutions. Pricing Monthly billing: $99 per month, payable annually: $42/mo. Paid biannually: $34/month

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Demio is a tool that can be used for both live and recorded webinars. Demio has a set of built-in promotion tools made for marketers.

Demio webinar with audience participation Demio Pros Webinar pages are highly customizable and include features like live chat, document handouts, and CTA pop-ups for engagement. They also integrate with many common marketing tools. Cons With more attendees, the price quickly rises. Growth plan for $34 per month with five hosts and 150 attendees: Growth plan for $69 per month with 1,000 attendees: Premium plan: $257 per month: individual pricing EasyWebinar EasyWebinar is a live and automated evergreen webinar platform that is known for its ease of use.

Webinar with EasyWebinar EasyWebinar Pros Even the cheapest plan includes both live and automated webinars. It also allows for screen sharing with multiple presenters. It has audience engagement features like live chat and Q&A. It has a WordPress plugin. Cons Attendees need to install a webinar app to view the webinar on a mobile device. 500 live attendees, Pro plan, $78 per month or $708 per year: 2,000 live attendees, Enterprise plan, $129 per month or $1080 per year: $499 per month or $4188 per year includes three months free if annual billing is selected. WebinarNinja WebinarNinja is a one-stop solution for webinars that supports four different types of webinars: hybrid, live, automated, and series


webinar WebinarNinja pros include the availability of engagement features like polling, live chat, and downloadable handouts. cons include the ability to embed sales offers into presentations and the attractive landing page templates. Pro plan for $49 per month with 300 live attendees: Plan Plus ($95 per month) with 500 live attendees: Power plan for $159 per month with 1,000 live attendees: $7.99 per month with a 14-day free trial WebinarGeek is a live, on-demand, and evergreen webinar software that is simple to use. Although it is not the most feature-rich webinar solution, it allows you to create webinars of professional quality at a reasonable cost.


Homepage WebinarGeek’s Pros: It’s very easy to use; you can give your webinar custom branding; you can have a live, on-demand, evergreen, or hybrid webinar. There are many different pricing tiers in the premium plan, making it affordable for any size. Cons: Some users find the initial setup takes a long time. Premium plan for $22 per month with 100-2,000 live attendees: Plan with 500-4,000 live attendees: $58-$294 per month 14-day free trial with custom pricing GoToWebinar One of the first tools for webinars was GoToWebinar. Large corporations are the primary target audience.

Tools for GoToWebinar marketing Pros: Polls and surveys for audience participation; high-quality video and audio; tools for lead management and reporting; breakout rooms to divide your audience. Cons: Software feels a little out of date; attendees must download software. Pricing: Lite plan with 100 participants. Standard plan with 250 participants costs $59 per month: 500 participants, Pro plan for $129 per month: Business plan with 3,000 participants for $249 per month: Flex plan: $499 per month $9 per month, plus a seven-day free trial. LiveWebinar is a cloud-based tool for live webinars that supports social media broadcasting, screen sharing, and video streaming.

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