Steps on How to Clean Bike Chain Conveniently

If you need to learn how to clean bike chain, this article will be helpful for you as you can follow the steps below and clean your bike chain the best way.

Steps on How to Clean Bike Chain Conveniently
Steps on How to Clean Bike Chain Conveniently
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Most bike owners usually need help lubing and cleaning the bike chain. But, if you know how to clean bike chain, your work will be done easily and quickly with simple steps. This article will highlight how to clean the bike chain effectively. 

How To Clean Bike Chain?

Here are some steps to help you clean your bike chain effectively. There are multiple things in a bike cleaning kit that you need to know. 

Clear The Dirt

One of the best ways to scrape the more extensive dirt deposits is to clean the dirt particles before greasing the bike chain. One of the best ways is to start with basic bike accessories. You will notice black tar building up on the jockey wheels of your bike. It will be the perfect way to clean that first. 

There are multiple options available online that you can choose products from. The right product will help you effectively clean your bike chain. Purchase the proper lubricant and use it effectively, as it is safe and comes without a smell. You can slide the cord between the spaces between your bike and pick up the build-up and dust particles. Once the process is done, you can throw it away. You can use a clean cloth later to clean the chain. 

Washing Steps

Make sure to always use warm water along with a brush along with bike cleaning liquid. Make sure to scrap the drivetrain well, particularly the chain area. It will eliminate the dust particles hanging around the cogs and chains and prepare the region for degreasing. Feel free to wash your bike with warm water after the scrubbing process. It is one of the best ways to clean bike chain. 


You can use specific products according to the brand of your bike from your regional bike Store or online for the degreasing process. These products come with compelling cleaning features, and they can cause harm to some of the delicate components in your bike chain. So, you need to use it carefully, as some products are intended for bikes that often use corrosive or non-corrosive citrus materials or similar biodegradable materials. 

The other disadvantage is that it can also be toxic if you do not use it carefully. Make sure to apply the material to the bike chain, rotate the crank in an anticlockwise manner, and allow it to soak into the links of the bike chain. Take a toothbrush so that you can scrap the tricky regions like the derailleur of the rear chain. Purchase a new toothbrush after using it, which will help you clean your bike chain again. 

Wiping Part

Make sure you wash the remaining material away with warm water, take the chain with a microfiber cloth, and help rotate the cranks. After the cleaning process, you can see black tar material from the bike chain. Your bike chain would look sparkly by now and will sound crisp while running through your bike cogs on the drive train. Make sure to keep the micro fibre cloth handy whenever you keep your bike. 

After each ride, give the bike chain a quick wiping session. It eliminates additional dress materials collected from your ride and keeps the bike chain clean and friendly. The lubricant stays whenever you want it and does the job perfectly. 

Reuse The Lubricant

One of the primary reasons for the Black tar building up is not lubricating the bike chain properly. You can eliminate the tar build-up in the first step and over-lubricate the bike chain. The lubricant needs to be only applied to the new chain as you want the lubricant material to penetrate the links of your bike chain as it is where your bike chain contacts the Cogs and not the other links. Rotate the cranks in your bike to get the best coverage. Refrain from bothering if you overdo the process because you can retake the chain and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove the excessive lubricant. You can check our website for the latest products for cleaning your bike chain. 

Bonus Tips

  • Make sure to apply a palm sprayer for mountain and Road bikes because it works wonderfully for removing the mud particles from the road before you clean your bike chain and load the bicycle for transportation again. Make sure you use a power washer sparingly because it comes with high pressure and can damage your bike’s drive train and paint on your bike’s frame. 
  • Make sure to use a light lubricant to take it for any condition and clean your bike whenever needed. Please do not use a dry lubricant made of wax because it will be hard to use it first. Apply the oil thoroughly and keep it overnight if possible and then rinse it off and apply it again. It is one of the most straightforward jobs, but it is essential to have a smooth bike running correctly. After the lubricating procedure, you will see that your bike chain will sound crispy, and the drive train will work perfectly. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the steps to clean bike chain that will help you achieve a smooth and safe ride on your bike.

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