How To Color On Deep Wave Closure

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deep waves
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It’s enjoyable and wonderful to wear your deep wave closure in any style and color. When you can change the deep wave closing style and the colors by dying, you may style them in any way you want. See the complete procedure for coloring your deep wave closures. You will want to look flawless after following these tips on coloring your deep wave closure sew-in just like your natural hair.

Pinning Down The Closure

Pinning down the closure

Grab your cork mannequin and wrap it in a plastic bag so the color you’ll be applying later won’t get inside. Put a push pin on the mannequin and fasten it there. You can pin the deep wave lace frontal wig  flat on a table or other simple surfaces if you don’t have a mannequin.

Applying Conditioner 

Applying the conditioner

Grab your brush and generously squeeze the conditioner onto it. Starting at the top, evenly distribute the conditioner along the length of the lace. The conditioner should only be applied to your lace to refrain your lace from getting the hue. 

Dying The Color

Dying your wig with color

To prevent the closure from shifting as you dye:

  • Put your glove on and divide the hair, holding it in place with your clips.
  • Add the dye to the brush, then brush it onto the deep wave frontal wig from the root to the ends, starting at the bottom of the closure.
  • Avoid getting a lot of color on the lace by being particularly careful.

Even if you do, it will wash out, but doing so does make the work simpler.

Combing With A Rat Tail Comb

Combing with a rat tail comb

Take a rat tail comb and comb the color through after applying the color to ensure that every strand is covered in dye. A rat tail is more convenient for this step as it will spread the dye thoroughly through your hair. So always choose the rat tail comb-over or any other hair brush.

Continue to Apply The Color And Comb

Continue to apply the color and comb

From the back of the deep wave closure to the front, keep dying and combing the dye. Once you are done with one section, take a small section again and keep dying your hair until you are done with the deep wave closure. It is always recommended to section your hair first. 

Let The Dye Sit On Your Hair

Let the dye sit on your hair

Now that you have finished dying your hair in the color you want. It is time for you to leave it for one hour to let the color seep in through the closure sew in  and let you achieve a beautiful look. So, Rest your head and let the color sit for one hour.

Rinsing Your Hair

Rinsing your hair

After letting the color sit on your deep wave closure for one hour, it is time for you to rinse your hair with water that is chilly but acceptable for the skin. The dye is less prone to fade when used in cool water. Stop rinsing only when the water is completely clear. So, hot water should always be avoided to keep your hair from losing its color. 

Drying Your Hair

Drying your hair wig

Now that you have rinsed your closure sew in and made sure the access color is fully rinsed off, dry your hair. When drying your hair, you have to make sure it is air-dried. This is because, since you have colored your hair, it is always mixed with chemicals, so, to dry them, choose air drying.

When you have the option to change not only the deep wave closure style but also the colors by dying, you may style them whatever you choose. Now that you know how to color your deep wave closure try to color those beautiful textures to achieve some of the finest looks.

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